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How do I get a DUI from 2014 expunged from my record in VA?
I received a DUI after leaving my residence in a hurry and to save my life. I was being severely abused by my husband and we had a daughter together. She thank goodness was at my parents house, I dropped her off there Friday night. I went back home Friday night so I wouldn't alarm him and so I could pack up our things on saturday and leave while my husband was gone. It was saturday afternoon and my husband left as usual to go work out and he was usually gone for 3-4 hours on those days. So I had a plan to leave while he was gone so things wouldn't esculate again. I had a broken rib and in pain from his prior attack. I had a few glasses of wine but wasn't planning on driving anywhere. I was packing things up very quickly so I could leave with my father when he arrived in that hour. However, my husband came home early (as if he knew I was leaving) I was upstairs packing a bag and he attacked me again, threw me down the stairs. He was going nuts and yelling, I saw my keys by the door and grabbed them and left running from him. He chased after me, but I managed to get in the car and drive off. I was going to my folks when I slipped on ice and hit a parked car. cops came?
You don't say whether the case is still pending or has been resolved. In order to be eligible for an expungement the...
How is drunk in public defined in Virginia?
It is a crime to be drunk in public. If my friends and I get drunk in a bar, would that be a concern? I know bars are private property, not public property.
§ 18.2-388. If any person profanely curses or swears or is intoxicated in public, whether such intoxication results...
How to handle a drunk in public charge with your employer
I was recently charged with and arrested for drunk in public. I'm in the process of hiring an attorney to hopefully have this expunged. This is my first offense and I was a passenger when our car was pulled over and couldn't find a safe ride home therefore I was arrested. I am terrified to let my employer know as I work for a local government agency. The employee handbook does not state that I have to disclose this - specifically. It does state that if you're charged with something that could affect the community's opinion of you that you could be suspended and investigated. I work in a different locality than the one I was charged in but am still TERRIFIED that this could get out and I could be fired. I would rather keep my mouth shut, go to court, and hopefully have this dismissed without anyone finding out. Everyone I've spoken to outside of my job that I can trust has told me not to say anything and that admitting this what I consider to be a private matter could do more harm than good. Please help me!!
To suggest that the employer will not find out is ridiculous. You work for the agency of the government. The...
Can you expunge a DWI from your record in Virginia if you were convicted in another state and not Virginia?
I have a dwi in DC and Virginia made me do the same thing two years later. So it shows on my record in Virginia as well. I wanted to see if I could expunge it in Virginia.
Your facts are confusing. Do you have DWI convictions in both Virginia and DC? Or did the DC DWI appear on your...
Can i get my daughter back since i passed 5 drug tests?
A neighbor called cps on me after we got in an argument and told them we are drug addicts, that my child sticks herself with needles and we put out cigs in her. None of that is true. Cps drug tested us and we failed for suboxone. Our child want with us when we did it and we are not addicts. They took her cuz of the failed test. We have passed every test since then. We go to court soon. They have no other proof of abuse or neglect at all. Can i get her back since ive passed 5 test and only failed one which is the fitst one they gave us.
Perhaps. Sometimes there are more issues that are being looked at besides the drug test results.
What is the usual punishment for a 1st offense if I was driving on drugs and alcohol?
My sister was driving on drugs and alcohol and crashed her car (didn't involve another driver), I'm wondering what sort of jail time she'll be facing, if any.
First things first. Before jumping ahead to punishment first she must be convicted. The outcome of every case depends...
What conditions would a judge allow me to get my car out of the impound before the 30 days hold with a court order?
Driving on suspended license( DUI related). Car being held for 30 days and I don't have court until February 21. Pulled over for expired tags. Have gotten the tags taken care of.
Here in Arizona, a person (if eligible) may petition for a release of the the vehicle earlier than the presumptive 30...