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Can I get a cosmetology license in Michigan with a DUI? I've called the board and asked them but they said its case by case
The DUI is three years old and by the time I get my license it will almost be 4 years old
The requirement for the license at issue is that you must be 'of good moral character.' That's why the board said that...
My drivers license was revoked for OUIL. But it was not my second OUIL. I thought in MI it had to be your 2nd to get revoked
Im now 30 years old. I havent had a license since i was 21. When i was 20 i got an operating while imparied. Then when 21 i got a OUIL but the sheriff wrote me up for OUIL 2nd. When it was only my first. Unless the law says that an impaired counts as ur first OUIL. Anyway i moved from the state of MI because my wife was in the US navy. We returned to state in 2009 but the state says i have to have 6 months of AA, substance abuse eval, interlock breathlizer and drivers training. However the judge sentenced me to only a 550.00 fine with no probation, no classes, no nothing. Im curious if my license should be been just suspended and not revoked? I still paid the 2000 in drivers responsiblity fees anyway. Now they wont let me get a license without all this stuff. It happend so long ago. Help
I can't speak directly to Michigan law and Michigan attorneys correct me if I'm wrong, but in the states I've practiced...
For a dui.I got 2 years of probation&in home breathalyzer,AA meetings 3 times a week. is it allowed being my first offense??
its my first offense. I was the driver . My lawyer did not help me at all. I am paying fines that I cant even pay. I need answers please!!
The maximum penalty for a DUI first offense is 93 days in jail, up to 2 years on probation, and a $500 fine. The...
I have an expert witness for my DUI case, an optometrist. Can I also now bring in medical records, specifically, my eye exams?
I want to know if I can bring into evidence my eye exams and maybe other medical stuff, like a medical eye book, or maybe something else like a pamphlet from the American Eye Association (or something similar) to support her testimony about my eye condition. Can I now bring that in? How? She is going to discuss an eye condition I have that will help my case.
To answer your question about the evidence you want to admit at trial the answer is "maybe". It all depends on its...
For my drunk driving case, my court appointed attorney filed a motion without my knowledge. Can he do that?
I am in Michigan and I got a drunk driving, first one since 1993 and it is a felony. My attorney has filed a motion to throw out the datamaster due to the 15 minute observation rule, but I'm feeling what he is really doing is giving the prosecutor a heads up, because I really wanted to confront them with this at trial so they were not prepared.
One, you should ask your attorney as they can explain their decision to you. Second, these are motions that must be...
Missed Smart Start In-HOM breathalyzer test
Hi, I am on DWI probation and I missed one 5-8 AM morning window yesterday because I forgot to turn it on when I woke up at 7:30 (I turn it off as if it is beeping at 5 AM I can't sleep after that). I realized my mistake at 8:00 AM and blew at 8:01. The SS Customer attendant said it will be a VIOL. Are they going to hang me? Thanks
Prob not. If you get a violation, just go in front of the judge and explain it. It is likely probation will be...
Trying to get license back after second DUI?
First one was 5 yrs ago second one will b 3 yrs in may..I haven't had a license since sentencing of september of 09'.. I petitioned the state last fall for my first try and they turned me down.I am getting ready again to turn my paperwork in..besides the letters of support an AA sheets..what is there I can do..should I get a lawyer?
Yes - you need a lawyer. There is a trick to doing these. You need the right witnesses to give the right testimony (...