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    Wednesday May 3 | via Ventura County Reporter 

    An undocumented immigrant arrested in Port Hueneme for allegedly peeping and burglarizing homes in early April faces a long prison sentence for having entered the country illegally on multiple occasions. Guillermo Damaso, 39, was arrested on the morning of April 5 when officers responded to reports of a man running through backyards near the 1500 block of North Sixth Place in Port Hueneme.


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What does it mean my "paperwork was incomplete"? If it goes forward, in what scenario can I get it downgraded to a wet reckless?
DUI case. Parked cars are involved in the accident. No one injured. Cops did not pull me over while I was driving, but rather saw me on the street outside the car after the accident observing the damage (I did not flee) and then spoke to me. I refused a breathalyzer and was arrested, but did blood work after arriving to the jail. Was told it was over the legal limit. However, I never received a copy of the police report but was called to report to court. Upon reporting to court, I was told that my paperwork was incomplete and had been sent back to another jurisdiction but it was unclear (Sheriff's Office?).
Basically it means that the DA is not ready to prosecute. They may want more information from the arresting agency....
Can i be charged with a dui for being under the influence of marijuana?
i was stopped on a military base for a random search (i was told no warrant is needed because its federal property) and i was in possession of under a gram of marijuana and a pipe. i was not high at all and an officer gave me Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test and a Rhomberg Balance test. after the test the officer came to the conclusion i was impaired and gave me a ticket for a dui but i was not arrested nor has my license been suspended.
It is against the law to drive while under the influence of marijuana. It has always been assumed that cannabis, like...
I was never actually charged with a dwi but it still appears on my driving record with the DMV, is there any way to clear it?
I was in a single vehicle accident where I was badly injured and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. I admitted to the sheriff on scene that I had a few drinks earlier in the day. In the hospital about a week later I was told the sheriff had requested my bac and it came back at .05. I never heard anything further from the courts, dmv, or sheriff. After a month in the hospital I was released. Now, 4 years later I get a print out of my driving record and it says i was arrested for dwi along with my bac and other misc info. Is there any way to clear this from my record as I was never charged?
The way to clear an arrest record is to make a motion for factual innocence. You should talk to an attorney about it....
What are my options after driving on suspended license post dui?
I got a ticket for driving with a suspended license the other day(suspended from DUI). Simply just moving pregnant girlfriends car to a different parking space in university complex and got pulled for loud music. This is my first violation of probation in 5 years and my probation actually ends this month also. By hiring a lawyer, what are some high percentage options they could help with? House arrest, extended probation....? Avoiding jail time is ideal and to my knowledge this county does not do work furlough at the moment. Thanks for all input and help
Driving on a suspended license (vehicle code 14601.2(A) carries 10 days jail minimum, no negotiating with the statute....
I am 20 years old and I'm on probation for a DUI and I am trying to find out if i can still buy alcohol legally once I turn 21?
I am 20 years old right now, but I turn 21 on June. As of today, I am on probation for a DUI, the time amount is about 3 years. I drove with an alcohol level higher than a 0.08%. On my reports it says nothing about once I turn 21 that I cannot buy any alcohol. This is why I came here. I came to ask if I can buy alcohol LEGALLY once I turn 21?
Unless the terms of your probation state you can not possess alcohol you should be fine. Make sure there are no...
I got hurt at work. Went to there insurance doctor got stitches. And took a drug test came up positive for stimulates and we pot
Been 12 days since think they would of fired me at that point? Haven't heard results btw got a lawyer after it happen so do they have that info by now?
These are questions for your attorney. I don't think anyone here knows if your employer has the results.
My son got a suspension notice for having a seizure how do we get his license back
my son had what we think is a seizure, he went to two neurologist that could not say why or if he could have another, All testing was negative , but the doctor reported and he lost his license what can we do
You'll have to request a hearing through the local DMV Driver's Safety Office. They will want you to have a doctor say...