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  • Port Gibson man arrested in hit-and-run death

    Friday | via Vicksburg Post 

    A Port Gibson man is accused of the Thursday night hit-and-run death of a Vicksburg man, according to a press release from the Mississippi Department of Public Safety. Agents with the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation assisted by the Mississippi Highway Patrol and Warren County sheriff's deputies Friday afternoon arrested Kella Maurice Jones, 25, 210 Mulberry St., Port Gibson, on a charge of felony leaving the scene of an accident which causes death in the death of Ricky Smith, 22. Jones was being held without bail in the Warren County Jail pending an initial appearance.


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Can I get full custody of my son , if my husband is a drunk?
I am married with two kids. My oldest daughter is from a previous relationship. I've known my husband has had a drinking since we were dating, but it's getting worse. Recently, he has come home drunk and wanted to fight with me. It has gotten physical at one point of time and I have tried to get him some help, but he refuses it. I'm trying to get help and advice before it ends bad. So I can leave peacefully and with no injuries. Please help.
Initial custody decisions are made in the best interest of the child after the Court considers a list of factors,...
Why do I have a probation officer for a DUI 1?
I was convicted of a DUI 1, which is a misdemeanor in my state. So when I go to court, they tell me I have a probation officer. So I can't drive (no license, nor a car) because I lost my job. I'm 23 I don't understand why I have one, if it were for drugs that would be a different story.
If you received a stayed sentence for a criminal offense, it is likely that you were placed on probation subject to...
Can I still get drug tested even though I finished my required drug tests?
In October I was scheduled for a court date having to do with a simple possession charge. In my state the herb is decriminalized so I was given a very lenient probation process where all I must do is set up a day of my choice every month to do a urinary drug test. It has been hard to get through, but now I am on my final stretch with only one drug test left that is going to be in early February. Every time I show up to the place where I drug test I must pay 50$ and pee in a small paper cup. I have only seen my PO once because he is never at the place. The sheet that I was given says to do four drugs tests then the misdemeanor is expunged from my record. After I do the a last drug test in Feb. apparently all I need to do is get my PO to sign off on it and then go in front of a judge in early April to slam the hammer. I am curious if there is any chance that they could schedule another drug test before the court date ( Even though I have a piece of paper that I signed that says only 4 drug tests ) Even though I know that it is unlikely to be drug tested at court I plan on laying off of the herb for the last month and a half before the court date. I am taking college classes along wit
From what you have said it sounds unlikely that they will do more than the required drug tests, however, they could...
If the officer doesn't show up for court will the judge throw out public drunk charge?
My son was told by the officer to get in his truck & drive home. He said "I can't drive, I've been drinking." So he walked away and call dispatch. He was trying to file charges against another man in the bar who hit him. My son didn't know the man or why he hit him. The dispatcher told him to go back to the officer & he would file a report. When he returned to the officer, he arrested him. Doesn't the fact that he told my son to drive himself home show he shouldn't be charged with public drunk?
"If the officer doesn't show up for court will the judge throw out public drunk charge?" Not necessarily. Most (not...
What do I do if I was charged with possession of paraphernalia and the felony possession charge is being held? They want me to s
Road block. Told to pull over for DUI. Never tested. Searched vehicle. Said they found paraphernalia. Arrested me. Dog came. Searched my purse. Said they found a gram of meth. I wasn't allowed to watch search. Taken to jail and held for 50+ hours under investigation. They want me to snitch. Court is next week. I don't know what to do. I was manhandled, refused medications, or medical care for injury to arm from being dragged and thrown onto car by 2 deputies.
You need to retain an attorney immediately. You are being charged with a serious crime. Myself and others offer free...
What is the worst I can be sentenced for my D.U.I. other(marijuana) charge in MS. ?
Was arrested and charged with possession and dui. I am 19, college student , first offense.
Because it is a first offense you may have a possibility of reducing or ultimately dismissing the charges. Contact an...
Would my attorney have a copy of all the charges I got for a DUI?
I received a DUI. I had friends in the vehicle with me and I had a bottle of whiskey in the truck as well. The officer took it for evidence but I think he said he forgot to write it down. I gave my parents the money and they said they'd take care of it since I'm in school. I never told my parents I had friends in the truck with me or that I had whiskey with me. I am underage and blew a .5. Would my attorney know about a possession charge even if I didn't tell them?
Your attorney will know. This question needs to be addressed to your lawyer if you are in fact represented. As a...