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  • Man charged with rape, child porn

    Apr 22, 2016 | via Toledo Blade 

    A local man was arrested Friday on a 66-count indictment handed up this week by an Ottawa County grand jury charging him with sexual assaults of two juveniles and child pornography. Allen Kreager, 60, of Port Clinton was charged with nine counts of rape, 55 counts of pandering obscenity involving a minor, and two counts of pandering sexual oriented matter involving a minor.


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Would this ever be allowed ?
My ex boyfriend arrested for dui. says he had to spend 3 days in a hotel and was able to go to work and back home. claims he had a 10000 dollar bond from a friends father putting up his home as bond. now he says he has to go back to court for sentensing and his lawyer is saying he might be able to get him house arrest for a month instead of 30 days jail tme. First is this possible, and secondly if he was arrested and has since moved to a new place, where would he serve that 30 days house arrest. He claims he would be able to maintain a job and drive to work. this answer determines if i ever trust him again. The person who put up his bond, if there was a bond, is an alcoholic facing charges of her own. he came to me for help.
Typically the 3 day hotel program is part of the court's sanction, however his attorney may have had him complete the...
I cannot pay the remaining court fees. I have a medical disability and have lost my home and car as well. How can I make a mends
I plead guilty for a DUI in Ohio. I take full responsibility and have never before or since taken drinking and driving for granted. Since the charges I have been fired and cannot get a job. I have lost my car and have needed food stamps and state insurance. I use food pantries and have been diagnosed with a mental disorder. I paid my fines as soon as O could an thought I was good. I did not know that the BMV was seperate than court. I understand now and want to pay it. I simply cannot and am currently in outpatient help for CPTSD and severe anxiety/ anorexia. How can I make a mends financially to the court. I think about it every day and feel terrible that I not only let my friends and family down , but my home town that I love. I understand the need to pay , I simply cannot . Please help me
The BMV will allow you to enter into a payment plan for $50 per month. The only other option is to file bankruptcy....
Is it ok to travel now or do I need to compete any paperwork? If I need to have paperwork done, what type of lawyer can help?
Had a dui in Ohio in 2001 and need to travel to Canada.
I believe you need to complete a process called criminal rehabilitation. I have sent my clients to a Canadian attorney...
What can we do.? Why did he throw one thing out and add another. Do driver test, explain this
My Daughter was stopped for driving slow. He also said she was weaving in and out of traffic. He made her take a acahol test. she fail the test. He took her to jail. She had court today. Her public defender argued that, he had no right to stop her, and she wasn't weaving. The judge agreed but then changed it to. she used her light signal wrong asking for a car to go around her, can he do that?. She is under age, stopped for drinking, and now a safety violation. When she was stopped for driving slow. He is trying to charge her for under age driving.
If I am understanding correctly, the officer said today, for the first time, that your daughter did not use her turn...
How long does it take to get a DUI expunged? How Much? And can I pay after I start driving .
I'm trying to get in with a trucking company that claims they can't hire me with 3 DUI's. The reason they wouldn't be able to hire me is for there Insurance purposes. They said if I can get one reduced or expunged they could hire me. I'm 53 and my DUI's were in "81" "82" "92".
If your DUIs were in Ohio, you are not able to have any of them expunged from your record. Unfortunately, in Ohio no...
Can I get into trouble for those tweets and can my dui be brought into this?
This is honestly embarrassing to even have to ask. So my fiance has a kid with another women. She creeped my twitter and saw some tweets I posted saying I wish I could still do it in the truck but can't because of the car seat. And when things like this happen I feel like she won. She's trying to take it to court which I don't know how she can. She's claiming I'm hurtful to her son by those tweets. Which I do not understand either. I was recently in a really bad car accident about 6 months ago a dui I was not with my fiance at the time. I lost my mom to cancer and started drinking heavily after I left my boyfriend because I didn't want his son around it and I wasn't ready for help yet. So I left. Me and him got back together after my accident. He came to the hospital and was there the whole time we didn't know if I was going to make it and I lost my left eye from it. Ever since we got back together she has been trying anything and everything to get me out of the picture. Again this is embarrassing to me because I don't see how any of this benefits the kid. I just don't know if I could be in more trouble.
Wow, thank god I don't do family law. Your case was posted under DUI not custody, however, I do believe the mother has...
Can i appeal to not be required to have an interlock/plates on my car to drive again since its a few years into the suspension?
I have a 5 year suspension on my license (3rd ovi in 6 years unfortunately) that ends may 2019. I have not driven, not asked for priveleges in 2 years since the suspension started and forfeited my license and any chance to ask for priveleges for the option of a state id instead. i have to at some point get a temporary permit and retake a drivers test, by which time it would be around 2 1/2 to 3 years of no driving .After that length of time and voluntarily forfeiting my license, I do not understand why I should need to be required interlock/rest. plates when the judge said at sentencing that if i fulfilled and successfully completed all requirements of sentencing that he would revoke the suspension completely. Prob. Officer also stated that even if i did get my license early i would be required no matter what, to have an interlock/plates on the car that i drive until 2021 even though my suspension ends in may 2019.I understand the reasoning behind having an interlock, past experience and research I did shows me that the device is not as effective as claimed.
1)N the mandatory minimum drivers license suspension on a 3rd DUI w/i 6 years is 2 years. You should hire an attorney...