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What are the possiblities of my sentanceing From Judge Porter?
This is my first DUI and I had my girlfriend and friends sign my AA slips. I was honest to my probation officer and believed I just needed a witness to sign saying I was there. I went months doing so. That's my only violation in 12 months.
You did AA. What else? Did you not do a treatment program through a state certified agency? Did you do ADIS, Alcohol...
I got a dui in washington im still here,i wanna move back to california, can i move back legally of i talk to the d.a.
what should i tell the d.a., can i go back legally,in california if u live out of state you can sign a waiver sayin that you wont apply for a drivers license for 10 years in cali and they drop the case,you still got to pay fines tho
There is no equivalent arrangement here. You can move to cali if this is your first dui without a hitch but you'll beed...
I have been on probation for dui in Washington state for over six years and my original probation was five years. Is this legal
I was on probation and left the state. When I came back my probation had expired but I was still kept under supervision. Is this legal?
You are on probation for the length of time you comply with the conditions and the stipulations. If you were NO in...
Can Parents Be Held Legally Responsible For An 18 YR old child getting in a drunk driving accident with a car in their name?
My son was driving a car in my name, the car is also on my insurance policy. My son is 18 years old and got into this accident with a BAC of .06. He has no previous serious incidents on his record. He does have 2 minor (5-10 mph) speeding tickets. Is it possible that if the person whom he hit claim is over my insurances liability coverage that i can be sued for the overage?
Contact a DUI Defense Lawyer in your area, search this website or www.ncdd.com, but find a good DUI Defense Attorney if...
Driver's license reinstatement after dui with deferred sentence.
My adult son got a dui and was advised to go deferred by an alcohol counselor, as he'd lose his driver's license for 90 days instead of several years. He was also told after his probation was over, he'd once again be able to visit his father who lives in Canada. This all happened 5 years ago. He paid all his fines, followed all recommendations (classes, etc) and has finished his probation. He now wants to get his license again. He is being told by the DMV that he must take both the written and driving test and pay $250 for reinstatement. He is also being told he'll need to pay $250 for a 24 hour visit to his father in Canada. He went to the DMV today and the computer shows his record as "clear". Is this normal for a deferred sentence? Did he receive the correct advice by the alcohol counselor (who, incidentally, received approximately $2500 for the deferred classes my son attended)? Thank you for any info regarding this situation.
There are many different fees when dealing with the department of licensing. The fee for a reissue after an alcohol...
Can I sue my employer for demoting me as a result of a DUI?
I have a pending DUI and my position requires me to drive 90% of the time. I am a first time offender and even if convicted, I will retain my driving privileges with the use of an ignition interlock device (according to my attorney). Historically my employer has demoted others in this situation into roles that pay less and are stationary, resulting in a large pay decrease. I would like to know if this is legal, considering I would still be able to perform the responsibilities my position requires, no matter what the outcome. I have even been denied the opportunity for lateral moves that are stationary and do not require driving as a primary responsibility. While they do pay for my mileage, I pay for my gas, insurance and vehicle payment. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Being arrested for a DUI makes you a liability for your employer. The fact your employer has demoted others, makes...
I got arrested for a dui and the officer never read me my rights. Can't I get off for that.
I got pulled over for dui and the officer told me to blow and i tried twice and said i was doing it right and arrested me for dui. I barely moved and he.said he will break my fingers if i move again. Not once did he read me my right. I got till the 18th to come up with 400 if I want a court date. But cant really afford it. If you think i can get off then i might fight. I need to be able to drive to work.
Whether of not the officer read you your "RIGHTS" isn't a determining factor of being charged with the crime of DUI....