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Should I stay with the public defender or hire a DUI attorney
The Court appointed the public defender when I was charged with DUI .
No one here can really answer that Q. I would sit down w/ the PD and discuss his/her experience. Then I would contact a...
Can you be arrested for DUI when you weren't in the car when the police arrived . The car in question was locked , no keys in th
Aressted for DUI in the state of alaska . I was not in the car when approached by the police . The car in question was locked and there were no keys in the ignition . A caller reported a possible drunk driver and I was the first person he saw . I was crossing the street in a parking lot that is close go where I live when approached by the police and arrested . It was note time and the parking lot was dimly lit .
Arrested, yes; convicted, perhaps not. The standard to contact (reasonable suspicion) is lower than the standard to...
How far back does the state of Alaska look back at your record when sentencing on a first DUI conviction
DUI conviction in the state of Alaska
The prosecutor will have access to see your entire driving and criminal history. Each state has different DUI laws so...
How do I get a driver's licence after felony dui
Got charged with a dui. Likely conviction.
Consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney in your area. Whether you are convicted or this charge will...
What do i do when a judge is discriminating?
A judge rerevoked my dr.license for drving w/ a suspnded license in a Class C city after I was told if I had passd all the tests and gtten my dr. license that the charges would be dropped. At that same time my spouse was being chrgd with felonies(that got dropped) and the cop that arrested us had gotten fired for making false reports. What do I do?
First, consult with an experienced criminal attorney in that area as they will have all the information on the police...
Do I have to be informed that I will be randomly alcohol tested when taking a plea deal?
I agreed to a plea deal that stated I would not consume or possess alcohol, I was wondering if they would be required to inform me as part of the plea deal that I would be subject to random testing?
Generally speaking, yes, they would.
License reinstatement
License revoked in Alaska for 3rd DUI in 10yrs on 12/23/2008. I have successfully completed a court ordered therapeutic court program on 12/03/2009. I have changed my address to and receive mail in WI where I will be moving shortly to take care of my father. I know Alaska has a lifetime revocation with ability to reapply in 10yrs granted no additional DWLS/R. My question is, since I have completed a intensive court ordered treatment program and have been free of any legal/license issues going on 9yrs since my revocation in Alaska, will I be able to obtain a unrestricted WI DL? I believe I have met the requirements and more in regards to WI driving laws. Thank you and look forward to a little information on this so I can take the steps to move forward. Jeremy
The answer is generally "it depends." Most times one state will honor the actions of another state affecting someone's...