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Does a dwi appear on your driving record if it happened in Germany?
In 2015 I was pulled over in Germany while serving in the military for a dwi. I was taken in and was givin a breatholizer but never taken to jail or finger printed by the polzie. The military police picked me up and took me to the station and fingerprinted me there. I was never officially charged with a dwi and reproductions were inforced except attending ASAP (alcohol substance and abuse program) for my actions. There is no record of this in my military record on Iperms. I have just moved back stateside and bought a vehicle and insurance. The insurance company told me that that incident is showing up on my driving record for here in the states. What can I do if anything to get this removed or resolved?
I do not see how this is happening to you. The authorities in Germany do not have a tendency of even recognizing felony...
What type of lawyer do I need if my food was laced with a drug from a major food chain and I have the proof?
I purchased a desert from a major restaurant. While eating the desert I tasted something that tasted like medicine. I bit into again and the same thing. I thrww the desert away and a couple minutes later I was high. I took the desert back out the trash and searched what was left and there it was the pill in my desert.
You are effectively asking "can I sue" and "can I sue _______" is a civil law question. Last I checked this was...
If I just received A DUI conviction in TN and have a pending DUI conviction in NC, can TN make me receive more punishment?
DUI conviction on 22 November 2016, and arrest on 29 October 2016, prior revocation due to outstanding payment on previous DUI in 2009.
If you're licensed by TN , then get convicted of a DWI in NC after being convicted of DUI in TN, then TN DSHS will...
Do I still have to complete an Alcohol Assessment if I got a DWI seven years ago?
I got convicted of a DWI in N.C. seven years ago and have not needed my licence until now, but everything I've read say I need to do an assessment to get them back and it was seven years ago. I was a kid (20).
And every NC DWI lawyer whose answer you read will agree that you must have an assessment, begin recommended...
Any cases involving a DUI being dismissed for lack of camera?
Pulled for speeding, being given sobriety test and complaining about hearing, seeing and rocks only to learn that we were not in front of the camera to prove or disprove.
No. There is no requirement in NC that sobriety tests be on camera. Cameras are not required in court. I have seen no...
Charged with a DWI 4 years ago and reckless driving. DWI still on record even though No Probable Cause.
I was charged with a DWI 4 years ago in Cumberland County, NC. It was basically an accident in a parking lot at night, I was alone, no one was hurt. No probable cause was found for the DWI(blew under the limit). I was told by my lawyer that the judge said that as long as my insurance covered all vehicles involved, I would only be charged with reckless driving, or so I thought. Recently, I've been signing up with companies like Uber and Postmates, looking for work on the side. When they run my background check through Checkr, the DWI comes up, no probable cause. Absolutely no sign of the reckless driving charge. I paid a lawyer good money to handle this, went into the red a few months over this. I knew it would affect my insurance rates obviously, but it's in a background check, with no probable cause? My question is, why is it there and what are my options in disputing this information?
I'm not sure what happened here. Did you plead guilty to reckless driving? You only mentioned being charged....
When is your blood tested after a car accident?
Someone has been in a car accident with serious injuries and taken into an ambulance. There were other people involved in the accident but they were the only one to have their blood tested because an officer said everyone else appeared normal. I read that the police use the blood from the hospital for testing for DUI. The person they tested has been told they had opiates in their system but could that be from the ambulance?
That's a question for a pharmacologist or other medical expert not a criminal defense attorney.