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I have been asked by my attorney to take an alcohol education class in order to show that I'm being proactive before a DUI/DWI. -My question is: What will that do for me? Will the outcome be different from what it would've been if I had not taken the class? I am not considering not taking it (already enrolled) but I'm just wondering what the judge will think of that and what effects it could have on my case. -Will the judge be able to see the results of a PBT? I'm under the impression that it can't be used against me, but I'm wondering if he/she will still be able to see the results? -Will refusing the test at the station automatically hurt me in court? -Since the introduction of Noah's law, has it been harder for attornerys to fight off first offense DUIs? -In what cases are breathalyzers put into vehicles?
You have an attorney and he or she is the best person to ask these questions. First, some judges will put people in...
Is probation for dwi the same as being convicted
I was arrested for DWI, i got probation and i completed it... that was 9 years ago. i'm filling out my citizenship papers and one of the questions is .. have you ever been convicted of a crime and i do not what to say.. thanks
Get a certified copy of your disposition from the court to see what the outcome was.
How do I prove a person guilty of Accidental Homicide in a drunk driving accident if the DUI was inconclusive? (URGENT)
Hi there, I'm a student in a mock trial at school and am on the prosecution side of the fictional case of 16 year old Alex Goldman. Basically, she was driving after having a beer and crashed and killed 2 people in the backseat. (unbuckled) The defense argues that the BAC was inconclusive, but at her weight, she could have been drunk. How do I win my case with my closing statement?
Look at the mens rea negligence and go from there.
What could happen after getting a DUI as an aupair ?
Hi ! I have been au aupair for 15 month with J-1 visa and got arrested for a DUI in maryland with my international driving licence from France. Since what happen I've moved to Austin, Tx with my host family and gonna fly back soon for my court day. I was wondering what could they charged against me and if I would be able to stay in the states even if my aupair program would not sponsor me anymore, still my visa would work to change my statu for student visa for example ? Can they stop an international licence ? How long time is gonna take to know my judgement after my first court day? Can it be solved in one court day? I am just so lost and stressed out I wish someone who have answer... Thanks you
If your aupair program won't support you ... you have problems. It is VERY DIFFICULT to change from a J aupair to F....
Hi I had a DUI and I'm applying for my naturalization how should I filed the papers?
I had a DUI in D.C. and it was ruled guilty with the minimum so I'm wondering how to filed my papers for naturalization and also how long that process takes?
The answer to this requires a complete analysis of your situation. An immigration attorney could consult with you to...
I got an underage drinking citation in maryland. The citation said I will be summoned to court. What are the possible outcomes?
I was at a concert and was found drunk. I was very nice and did everything the cop asked. I am just wondering how this will turn out and also if I will be drug tested? This is my first offense.
The maximum fine for a minor in possession of alcohol is $500 for a first offense and $1,000 for repeat offenders, but...
What are my best defense?
I am a resident of Virginia and was pulled over in silver spring and charged for driving without valid license , I got my Virginia license now , do I still have possibility of jail sentence?
The charge is a serious one and carries the possibility of a jail sentence. A traffic attorney can assist you in...