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I need legal advice and help. I was arrested for DUI in Pooler Georgia last night.
I was arrested in Pooler Georgia along the Pooler Parkway last night for DUi. The initial reason for pulling me over was that I was in the left lane too long before I turned on my turn signal and turned onto the side road that goes to my house. I didn't know a law even exsited like that. I have no prior convictions of any kind. I feel I did nothing wrong. I just moved here about a month ago. What are my options? What do I do first? I spent all night in jail because I don't know anyone here.. Do I have a case at all? I really need help?
Did you take a breath test?
I was arrested in Pooler, Ga. on I-16, For DUI. The Pooler Police Officer stole medication & an antique pocket knife from me . I
I still haven't resolved this issue. I have gone to court. There is nothing more this officer can do to Me now. I also have the dash cam video.< IT HAS BEEN ALTERED > You can see where He stopped it and restarted it to cut out the mistakes that were caught on video. There has been several places on the police report where He falsified information. I'm more than sure if an attorney who is not afraid to work for the money, We can throw this THUG in jail and sue His pants off. I'm not afraid of Him. He is a criminal NOT ME!! Who wants to help Me serve & protect?? We owe it to each other to get Him behind bars where HE belongs!! It hurt Me & My family. Both financially & emotionally, I needed medical attention. Not an arrest! It could be YOU or YOURS next. Think about that. ( Andrea )
If you feel you have been wronged by the police, the best thing you can do is contact internal affairs and lodge a...
Will I do jail time? How much?
for16 years have been driving on suspended lic. for DUI. Have been arrested 4 times for dui and have never taken care of the problem. recently was arrested for( yet again ) driving on suspended, DUI, no insurance, no registration, contempt of court.
You need to get your license reinstated or stop driving. No one can tell you how much time you will get unless he/she...
I was arrested in Pooler, Ga. on I-16, For DUI. The Pooler Police Officer stole medication & an antique pocket knife from me .
I was arrested in Pooler, Ga. on I-16, For DUI. The Pooler Police Officer stole medication & an antique pocket knife from me . I want an attorney to help me with this. This is a CRIME AGAINST JUSTICE !! This man was arresting me and committed the same crime, at the same time.
Find a lawyer on avvo to help you. There may a video or inventory sheet at your jail processing. Find an...
What happens if the 'reason' for getting pulled over can be proved to have never happened, when the pullover resulted in DUI?
I got a DUI the other night and the police officer said that he pulled me over initially because I ran a red light while making a left hand turn. However I know that I did not do this. If I hire a lawyer, are they able to request seeing the police car video of me running a red light to see if this actually happened? I did end up taking a breathalyzer, being well over the legal limit, and going to jail with the DUI charge AND the running a red light charge. Does anything change if my lawyer can prove that the officers initial reason for pulling me over was bogus... he just saw me pull out of a bar and made up something to pull me over?
Car stop cases provide a lot of constitutional litigation. In order to stop you the officer had to have a reasonable...
Limited Permit and received a traffic citation
I have a limited permit with a interlock ignition installed too, the reason is, because I was convicted for a DUI and child Endangerment in October 2014. I am eligible to reinstate my regular licence in April 2016. I received a citation for running a Stop sign 9/24/15. My court arraignment is December 3rd. Will having my court date pushed and delayed over and over until April so I can get my regular license back help me once I handle it in court? Or could I have my regular license taken away and suspended for a year? I was told by a Sheriff that it doesn't matter if I have my regular license by the time the court handles it (if plead guilty), and that my license will automatically get suspended, because I was pulled over with a limited permit at the time.Is this true??? I'm so scared!!
You are correct. The Sheriff is wrong. If your regular class C license is reinstated by the time you dispose of (pay)...
I refused the GA consent law for DUI. Do I have any type of defense if I was on allergy meds I'd had used Listerine mouthwash
I was read the card on state consent but was so terrified did not hear it was certain I would lose my license if refused. Taken allergy meds 2 hours before, loss of hearing in 1 ear. I was not allowed to ask anyone if I should take the test. I told the officer I had 2 glasses of wine during the evening. This was a road block stop from the Governor's Task force. I have a court date for this scheduled. Anything I should do before to help. This is my first offense for anything.
Yes, you need to hire an attorney to represent you. DWIs can be very difficult cases and you absolutely need an...