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How do I go about getting a restricted license after third DUI
How do I go about getting a restricted license after my 3rd dui
It is my understanding that you cannot get a restricted license after a third DUI here in Michigan for several YEARS...
What is the latest time to turn yourself into jail?
I was sentenced in Oakland County MI on Dec. 15th and ordered to serve 30 days (21 actual days. 5 days off for good time on 30 days plus 4 days previous time served) beginning the sentence on Dec. 24th. What time does the Oakland County jail take in prisoners? Obviously I would prefer to go in as late as possible. Appreciate any help.
Since you need to make sure that you are 100% compliant, contact the court that sentenced you! I am responding 12-22 at...
What is going to happen at my sentencing if I missed 2 ptbs scheduled time frames on my interlock on my car?
For my bond for owi I had to get a interlock put on my car and have to test everyday from 6am to 7am and 10pm to 11pm. With also taking random drug and etg tests. One morning I got up to call and see if I had to go test and fell back to sleep and forgot to go do my ptb test in the car. Then tonight I had a softball game, I got knocked out towards the end of the game and they wouldn't let me get up and kept checking on my to make sure I didn't have a concussion so I missed my pbt time by 20 minutes. I haven't failed any tests on the interlock or missed and rolling retests. What's going to happen when I go to my sentencing in a week? I don't want them to think I'm not taking the seriously. I really am just things happened. Is there a certain about of violations?
Bring a witness who saw you get knocked out & can confirm your time of the even or prepare an affidavit from a witness...
I have a dui 3 wondering if my bond would be continued I'm doing everything I'm supposed to do
I have a $25,000 personal Bond and I was wondering when I get arraigned in Circuit Court if my bond would be continued I've been doing everything that I'm supposed to.I've already done everything in District now it's bound over to circuit
The only answer we can give is probably. Is that enough?
Is the judge going to stick with my sentence of 30 days that she accepted my Cobb's agreement
Judges typically stick to agreed upon or recommended sentences.
If I am on felony probation for a 3rd DUI and I just got a 3rd driving on suspended; what kind of sentence should I expect?
I am on probation for a 3rd DUI. I just got a driving on suspended and have a warrant. My pO knows but I haven't gotten a violation hearing yet as I haven't gone to court for the driving on suspended. I am expecting some harsh sentencing for the violation. What can I expect? I am currently completing intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment so I look good in court.
When a person is on probation and there is a Violation, the maximum sentence is to serve all of the unserved time on...
Is there any chance of getting a early release with a DUI charge
I'm going to be sentenced 30 days for a DUI 3rd
If you are convicted of OWI 3rd, the mandatory minimum is 30 days. You will get 5 days of good time at the Oakland...