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How many times can the DAs office postpone motions hearings before a DWI case is tossed out
I was charged with DWI March 17, 2016. I was offered and accepted to have blood work test done but due to some circumstances that was never completed so there is no evidence of my blood alcohol content. My lawyer has filed motions to suppress some Evidence and the DAs office has been postponing it since August 2016 six times now. The last time we were at court the judge told the DA to schedule this and the next time it's postponed he's tossing it out for lack of due process. My question is should it not be tossed out by now?
There is case law that says the failure by the DA to timely comply with a motion schedule is chargable for speedy trial...
I am in the Air National Guard and was arrested for a DWI this past weekend. Am I required to report it to someone?
Should I wait until a possible conviction or should I speak up now?
Speak with legal counsel for the Air National Guard about your requirements. Its a question of their requirements and...
What does "pending investigation" mean?
I tried to renew my drivers license at the DMV and was refused. I was given a number to call and told "there's a pending investigation."
It sounds like you may have been involved in an accident or received a ticket or been charged with a criminal driving...
Will nys take my license for drug possession if I was allegedly caught in Illinois?even Illinois does suspend for drug convictio
I was allegedly pulled over with 5 pounds of cannabis and my lawyer said he may be able to get me probation seeing that it's my 1st felony...my question is seeing how Illinois does not suspend drivers license for drug convictions and my home city of Syracuse ny is a home rule city what are the chances that my dmv will find out the drug conviction even if Illinois does not report it to there dmv
It should not be suspended in NY since you were not convicted under the NY statute.
If I get a drug conviction in Illinois will New York State still take my license?
I am going to be convicted in Illinois for felony drug possession and in Illinois they don't revoke drivers license for this crime but in New York they take it for any drug offense even if motor vehicle wasn't involved...so I just want to know if the Illinois dmv doesn't take license will nys dmv /state find out will they still take my driving privileges away?
Since it has no legal bearing, the law does not facilitate such testing. Sometimes practicality and legality do not...
Can I get my permit after I got a DWI a year ago?
I got charged with a DWI at 16 years old and driving without a license. I've been going to court for a year now. My lawyer told me I can't get my license till I'm 21. I'm wondering if I can go get my permit and wait till I'm 21 to get my license.
It's entirely up to DMV whether they choose to give you driving privileges. The standard revocation of a license is for...
What do I have to do to get my license reinstated?
I have paid the court fees and I am paying the Dmv fees as much as I can when I can but probation will not write me a letter stating I am no longer on probation. Can they do that or is there a way I can go around them? I've been off probation since 9/2/2015 but they are refusing to provide me with paperwork for the Dmv. What should I do?
You have been off probation for almost 1 year but probation is refusing to give you the letter to submit to DMV? Go...