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How much time will she do on 730 county jail time?
My girlfriend got sentenced to730 days in the county jail,how much time will she do
Depends on what all the charges are and whether it's consecutive or concurrent sentencing. If it's county, it's most...
I need to get expungement on my three misdemeanor dui's
I will be done with my probation(5 years) in March (God-willing). I have been accepted into a MFC masters program that prepares you to be licensed as a counselor. I am concerned about the licensing part. Will I be able to be licensed as a counselor? My motivation for pursuing this degree is to work in the rehabilitation industry. I have been sober and active in rehabilitation programs for the past 5 years.
Any state licensing board is going to see the misdemeanors whether or not they are dismissed or not. The type of "...
Can one get a dui expunged if probation for the dui is already completed but is now serving 1 year probation for a susp licence
dui was 4 years ago, 3 year probation was completed everything was completed on time and fees paid. there is now a sentence for 1 year probation for driving with a suspended licence (failing to pay dmv on time)
One can try, but one of the requirements for a PC1203.4 dismissal is that you are not presently serving a sentence or...
Does a inmate have to hire a lawyer to help them with prop 57 and she has done 2 years of the 3 year base term
She has in years 4 months total 3 years based room eight months other term and the rest enhancements they ask for your base trim she's done two years of the three does she need to hire a lawyer to help her get out on the prop 57 as far as the paperwork is concerned or did she just wait for them to decide what they're going to do
It appears that your question must have been dictated has some of the prison term doesn't make sense. That being said,...
How can my boyfriend request jail time instead of paying court fines for a dui?
He was ordered to pay almost $2k but there's no way we can afford that , it's not due till the fall but is there anything we can do now ? Or where do we go to ask if he can just do jail time instead
Most of the fine can be satisfied through custody and/or public work service. I suggest that the boyfriend contact his...
How can i get my license back after a dui?
got a dui 8 years ago and did jail time in lieu of paying fines and all that jazz. court judge dismissed everything. dmv now wants me to do everything the court judge told me to do (dui classes, sr-22, get insurance BEFORE i can get my license, etc). i have been unemployed since i received my dui and can't pay for what the dmv wants me to do. i can't afford to pay for anything the dmv wants me to do because i'm unemployed. i have been unemployed because i don't have the proper transportation to get to a job. what can i do to avoid paying for anything and just get my license/life back? i have not been in any legal trouble since. i just want to be a normal productive human in society again.
If you can't afford the classes, etc what makes you believe that you can afford a car, gas and maintenance. That costs...
I got a DUI should i still get a hearing if my license is suspended
What should I do
Of course you should; there is no harm in requesting the hearing and stay of further suspensions. Consult an attorney...