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If I had to pay for a dui ticket and don't pay it on time what will happen
Don't have a job
You should retain a criminal defense attorney if you have not yet been convicted. If you have been convicted, not...
Felony DUI
Friend got in an accident in 2012 was charged with Felony DUI.....he got injured badly and the minor passenger got small injury,nothing major . He had to do 2 years and lost license for 6years... .Trying to figure out why the penalty was so harsh and whats gonna be required to get license now? .
Felony DUI can result in fines up to 10,000 dollars and prison up to 10 years if the person is convicted, as your...
When does my dl get suspended for dui before or on court date?
got pulled and charged for dui and open container the arresting officer kept my drivers license
Definitely not enough information here. Contact a local dui attorney who can see the status of your license and what...
Got charged with DUI. Had not drunk anything. Only took my prescription medication. How can they take you to jail?
I was not drinking. I took my prescription medinice which sometimes it make me a little sleppy. They locked me up for DUI. I got a written prescription from a doctor. So they locked me up for DUI.
Driving impaired can be driving under the influence of prescription drugs. You need a criminal defense attorney who...
DUI arrest with CDL?
Am I eligible to get a license if I've been arrested for DUI, refused the breath test and have a CDL?
You would be well advised to retain a criminal defense attorney prior to trial. Do not miss your Court date and allow...
Do I still have to take an adsap class if I received a DUI around 16-17 years ago?
I received a DUI around 16-18 years ago. I paid my fines and got released. Do I still have to take an adsap class, and how do I go about getting my license back? No one was injured, and I did not blow.
If all court requirements are satisfied, the DMV will tell you what they require in order to get your license back....
Do you lose your licence on the 1st offence of DUI with no priors.?
Got charged DUI. Was not drinking. Just took my prescription medicine Took me to jail. Can you lose your licence on the 1st offencewith no priors
Your license would be suspended for 6 months if you were convicted of DUI 1st offense. Having said that, there are all...