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I got a dui OVER a year ago, I had to move south because I lost everything is there any way I can plea with the da?
I got a Dui in march of 2012, I hired an attorney, he told me about the ARD program, I agreed to it, what he failed to tell me is that with a CDL I would still loose it for a year, he went over the report and told me I had a fighting chance. I accepted. I ran out of money and he withdrew from the case, the judge ordered me to the public defenders office, I was refused because I made to much money, the in turn referred me to the bar, 3 time I got numbers for attorneys ( in the mean time I lost my job) no one would take the case, I had to move south now I am stranded ( car has died and I only make 8 dollars an hour right now). Is there ANY way I can plea this down without getting a warrant??
I think it's virtually certain there is a warrant for you for failing to appear as required at some point in the...
If I just got a 3rd dui dec 1 /2016 a second dui in 2011 and my first dui was in 2004 doses the ten year look back help me.
I got just got my 3rd dui 12 years after my first does the first count
The good news is that your new DUI is passed the 10 years, which means your first DUI will not have much impact. So yes...
Getting jail mail but no charges. How did they find my address?
Hello, I was arrested back in July on suspicion of DUID. They did a breathalyzer test and that was passed, but they took a blood test after threatening a license suspension and I didn't see or think they had a warrant. My question is, why am I getting jail mail all of a sudden? I didn't receive any charges in the mail yet so how are these lawyers getting my address? Are they getting it from my arrest record back in July of suspicion of DUI? If charges were filed wouldn't it come before all this jail mail? Thank you for reading.
If you are getting letters from attorneys that means the charges have been filed. It can be looked up easily but you...
I live in Pennsylvania and work in New York do you know if I would still face house arrest?
I was drinking in my house and fell and hurt myself badly! Blood was gushing from my head and I laid down then I decided to drive to the hospital when all of a sudden a cop stopped me and said I made a wrong turn. He saw me bleeding and then asked me if I was drinking. Then he arrested me and gave me a blood test. I do have a prior DUI second offense! This would be my third
If this is your third offense in 10 years, you could be looking at significant jail time. Contact local counsel to...
How can I get my suspended license back early?
My license was suspended for 3 months for driving without insurance. I have a payment plan for all the fines and have faithfully paid it every month. I was caught driving with a suspended license(I didn't open the letter they sent saying it was suspended until months later so I was completely unaware that even happened). Now it is suspended for a year and I can't work and it seems like I don't qualify for a restricted license due to it being suspended for driving with no insurance. My question, do I have any options? I can't work don't qualify for unemployment and living in Pa nothing is even relatively close.
Contact a local DUI attorney to see what can be done.
How can I make a plea in court representing myself ?
I have two dui's on my record, and a suspended license. I got pulled over a few weeks ago and charged with "driving with a suspended or revoked license " I've applied to the court house for a public defender but they say I make too much for their services , and I cannot afford a lawyer , I spoke to someone saying that it's possible to to avoid jail time and additional suspension , leaving me with more fines. How would I bring this to the judges attention in a professional manner ? I am going in defending myself , not pleading guilty but I cannot go back to jail , what do I do ???
Your county may have a program special to DUS defendants that if completed would reduce your jail time. You will not...
Unlawful stop DUI?
Hello, I was pulled over recently and was charged with a DUI for marijuana in my system. I was not impaired at the time, but the officer believes that I was. He said I failed the field sobriety tests and took me in for blood. His reason he said he pulled me over was because I went on the line, I don't even believe that is true and I am pretty sure I was driving 100% fine. Nothing was wrong with the car or any other reason to pull me over. This is my first DUI and since i'm waiting on the blood work, hiring an attorney right now is pointless until then. Is it possible to fight this due to an unlawful stop? Does anyone have any similar stories where they got it thrown away due to unlawful stop? I also want to mention that it was a holiday weekend, at night and on a quiet rode. I really believe he just pulled me over because he felt like it.
You posted before I believe. Who told you its pointless to hire counsel? Defenses need to be explored now. Attorneys...