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  • Thackers' jail letters construed two ways

    Wednesday Apr 27 | via NWAonline 

    Jailhouse correspondence between an Arkansas man on trial for murder and his brother contained admissions that bolster the state of Oklahoma's theory that the brothers acted together in a 2010 killing. "They know we were together that night," Elvis Aaron Thacker wrote in a Nov. 15, 2010, letter to his brother Johnathen about what police discovered about the Sept.


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  • Pocola Man Already Convicted Of Murder In Custody Af...

    Friday Apr 1 | via 5NEWSonline.com 

    A Pocola man who pleaded guilty in December 2015 to second-degree murder was arrested on suspicion of Medicaid fraud. Shawn Howard, 45, will be transferred to the Arkansas Department of Corrections after he was accused of billing for services that were not rendered between August 2014 and February 2015, according to a release from Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge.


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Need a Real Answer on Revoked or Suspended license...
I got a DUI in 2013 and my license was suspended. I'm working on doing all the requirements asked of me. My boss at work told me 2 things, I can get a permit just to drive to and from work. #2. Is it true that you can claim sovereign t citizen, and "not drive" but have right to travel without a license as long as your not traveling in a commercial vehicle or using the vehicle for commerce? Please tell me my rights here and I watched several YouTube videos where people got pulled over and used "right to travel," and the Supreme Court ruled in favor of this law. If true, Can you give me details on this law? The name of the law, and does it pertain to all States. Thank you.
You can not lawfully drive on a suspended license. If eligible, you can obtain a modified driver's license, regular...
If i was taken to jail for a dui payed my fine and then released was not ordered to appear in court will this be on my record
i was given a chemical test and released after three hours i payed my fines they told me i was done and did not have to appear in court . i went through the proper procedures and got my license back . now i am subbing at a elementary school and have been for over a year , with the possibility of getting a contract i am haunted by the fact i may not get hired if somehow this is on my fbi background check.i would also like to add this has been well over five years ago.
From the information you have given, it sounds like the DUI may show up on a background check. You should consult an...
Can i get joint custody if my sons mom got a dui?
we were never married. we have a son and i get basic every other weekend visitation and i pay child support(all court ordered). She recently got a DUI. Is this mty opportunity to get joint custody? By the way, I have a spotless record.
This is probably best posted to a family lawyer. If you used a lawyer to establish paternity and begin child support...
What are my punishments for this
I'm underage and me and my buddies were drinking at a party we decided to leave and my one friend started to drive and we got pulled over me and my one friend in the back were arrested I'm pretty sure with with minor in consumption or public intoximent I'm not sure, what are my punishments
Well, you are not punished yet, just arrested and probably charged, so best to get an attorney to see how to get the...
What kind of problems would I face if my DUI charges have not been filed yet? Am I able to travel to Mexico?
My dui charges have not been filed yet and I'm traveling to Mexico this weekend on a wedding trip I have to attend
If you have not been charged, you have not been charged. If you are gone for a spell and charges are filed, that might...
How to get my lic. back
I got a dui about 18 years ago I have not had a drivers lic. because of this for 18 years is there any way possible to get my lic, back . At the time my lawyer told me it was a fine only of $200.00 he did not tell me about the state would pick it up and suspend my lic. I have not done anything to get my lic. back. I am now handicapped but I need to get a lic. this happened in moore okla.
Go down to your local licensing agency and ask them what you have to do, if anything, to get your license valid.
Can I be denied reentry to the US for a 9 year old DUI?
I'm a permanent resident since 1993. I had a simple DUI misdemeanor in 2006. I applied for citizenship and passed the civics test in 2007 but I was denied citizenship because of the DUI. I remained a PR. My PR card expired and I renewed it in 2014 without any problems. Now I wish to travel outside the US but it will be my first time since before my DUI in 2006. My DUI record was expunged in 2007 so my record should be clean again. However I'm very afraid to leave the country if there's a chance they won't let me back in because of the DUI. Can they do that? Is it possible?
Yes you can be denied because of a 9 year old DUI but it is not likely.