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I had two dui over eight years ago and i just got my license back do i have to have a interlock in my car
one ticket was in 2003 the other dui was in 2004
If you were issued a license without an interlock, then one is not required.
I am on unsupervised probation i paid my fines i think my case is closed got a drinkin citation what the chance of gettin flaged
Two misdameners
If you are on unsupervised probation then there really is not anyone actively checking to see that you stay out of...
Is it important to have a lawyer during pretrial in superior court; to plead not guilty for a DWI?
This is my second DUI. My current awaiting pretrial court date is the product of an appeal.
Yes. I cannot emphasize strongly enough, yes. Under the implied consent laws and procedures and the rules of practice...
Is it legal to deny a pistol purchase permit for a DWI conviction?
I was convicted of a Class 2 misdemeanor DWI in Jan. 2014. I recently applied for a pistol purchase permit after spending hours searching through NC laws about the matter and the situation the DWI put me in. It is my understanding that a CCW permit can NOT be given to somebody w/ a DWI in the past 3 years, but nowhere does it state a reason for denial of a ppp. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also I live in Pitt County. What steps do I take to appeal this denial??
You are probably going to have to speak with a lawyer about this. First off, I've never heard of a class 2 DWI. There...
Can the DMV in north Carolina supersede the courts in a DWI case
Court asked for drug assessment I did that and court accepted findings but now DMV says I must take classes which court did not ask me to do
Unfortunately you are going to have to take the alcohol assessment and classes as well. The court is not superseding...
Can I do the 60 days instead of paying the fines.
This is my first DWI and I also have been convicted of a 57 in a 35 with no aggravating circumstances. I have received 1yr. suspension of licenses, 1yr supervised probation, 60 days in jail (that has been suspended sentence if I comply), 24hrs. of community service, and have to take an alcohol assessment that is 100 dollars for first visit and $20 for every class after that. The minimum classes I can do is 16 classes costing a minimum of $420. The minimum total in fines is $5115.00. This might as well be a trillion for me. I was told by my probation officer that if I did not comply I would serve the 60 days + the fines would still have to be paid after serving the 60 days. I am broke can't drive in an area that has no public transportation. I am afraid I will end up in jail for being poor
I assume you did not have a lawyer when you pled/ were found guilty. A Level 5 DWI like you had can end in probation or...
I got dwi in Clinton on 421 hwy, i blew 0.09 loss of license for 30 days. should i get court appointed or hire lawyer?
i got a dwi in Sampson county on Jan 11th. blew a 0.09 with 1500$ unsecured bond lost license for 30 days, this is my first dwi. this is my first offense, the cop told me i should just pay the fines and be done with it, but i don't want insurance to go up or get points on license. my court date April 30th. should i get court appointed or hire a lawyer? i just don't have the money for a lawyer right now. i just need an honest opinion on what to do thanks your friend,Kevin
If you can't afford a lawyer, then go with the public defender. They may be able to get you a plea deal since it is...