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I had two dui over eight years ago and i just got my license back do i have to have a interlock in my car
one ticket was in 2003 the other dui was in 2004
If you were issued a license without an interlock, then one is not required.
What is statue of limitation for dui in NC
I got a Dui in 2004 and DA has never carried it to court
No such charge as"DUI" in NC. Here it's Driving While Impaired. No statute of limitation on DWI charges in NC. If you...
Dui charges
An officer pulled me over and I did the field sobriety test.I failed it and it was raining heavly.he pulled me over at 11:30pm,the same day I was drinking till to 6pm,slept only 4hrs.I refused the chemical test and I asked for the blood test. It was my first time being arrest,if the blood test comes positive,is it anyway my case can be dismissed because I was drinking in the afternoon,slept 4hrs only and my first arrest?
No, the case will be all or nothing. Way to much to discuss to handle in this board.
I do not have a car but I want to get my license back after DUI.
I can get my license back now after my DUI but I do not own a car. I do not have to have an IID. I also do not have a car at the moment but I still want to go ahead and get my license back. So what do I have to do if I do not have proof of insurance or is it even possible for me to get them before I get a vehicle again.
If you were required to get an interlock device, you can only get a limited driving privilege. You are going to need...
What's the best defense strategies for DWI?
First DWI, no aggravating factors, blew 0.18, no criminal record, clean driving record, DL suspended for 30 days atleast beginning of next week, anonymous caller( was weaving), was taken to Hammond rd detention center finger printed and released, no bond, before then taken to a police stn for brreathlizer, wife was outside, but refused her to come in and witness. Which way is it heading?
Ummmm, a .18 IS an aggravating factor. As far as your wife being refused, did she arrive within 30 minutes of being...
I have a dwi charge from 2014 and i need to know what can i do to get this behind me ive completed a 2yr treatment program
So this case is from 2014 ive been in treatment for 2yrs the time of the court date i was in treatment completed the program but i still have this hanging over my head im just ready to get this behind me
Did your charge occur in Alamance County? Did you ever go to court for the charge? If you did not, then there will be...
Can one not even have a falsely convicted dui misdemeanor hidden in Carteret County No. Carolina from 1983 ?
I have seen men convicted of murder get out in 7 years free as birds yet I am doomed to life in the prison in my decaying 1969 mobile home on my small property with out public transportation. I only get rides to my dr & sometimes to the Wal-Mart pharmacy. Otherwise I go months & years without meeting another human being. I am permanently trapped in a Prison of Glass. 14 years thus far. No friends left. They have died, moved on Etc. I was adopted my older people that died in 1980 & 1987. I have PTSD, anxiety & panic attacks. Depression is so awful knowing my life is over & has been many years. If only there was hope. Something to work towards these past 14 years so I might be free also just once more. Automobiles were my life, my work, my freedom & helped me cope with my PTSD. The worse part is I was not guilty of my first offense in Carteret Co. North Carolina. I was just left in my car after a friend did the deed & found by the law and have been paying for it with this life sentence. If only that DA there at that time would have let me plead NOT-Guilty, none of this situation i'm in would have happened. I had major problems & dealt with them with alcohol but not now
You had the ability-and the right- to plead not guilty to DWI. Had you done so, you still could have bern convicted....