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Charged with felony DUI in Minnesota
I was just charged with felony DUI in Minnesota. I'm assuming that I'll be found guilty of the charges. My question is, if I plead guilty of the charges, is it possible to keep the felony conviction off of my record? I'm willing to do any treatment or DUI Court that's required to do this.
Contact an attorney right away to discuss. You shouldn't rely on this online forum for advice.
Can I be charged with a DUI if I wasn't given a ticket?
I was stopped late night by the police who gave me a field sobriety test (touching the finger, walking in a straight line, holding one leg up and following his finger with my eyes). It seems that I passed all of them. Then I took a breathalyzer test blowing 0.088. I maintained that I hadn't had a drink in several hours. They let me go without giving me a ticket (just gave me my license back) but called a tow truck and said I had to pay for the tow home. I was pretty scared so I can't remember clearly but I believe he said he could charge me but wasn't going to (perhaps b/c I was polite and cooperating). My question is, did I get charged with a DUI? Should I consult a lawyer at this time?
Sounds like you are pretty lucky on this one. Be more careful next time.
Got charged with 3rd degree dui for not taking breathalyser test. had dui 12 years ago. is being charged as first . penalties?
was sober over ten years. have been struggling for couple months. going back to meetings now. was coming home from work parked at a park by my house(so i could walk home)and drank in car. got busted in car with car parked. but i don't think that matters at all under law.
Your charge is a gross misdemeanor and does not carry mandatory jail time, although some prosecutors will initially ask...
Is an interlock offense considered a second dui?
I was charged with 3rd degree dui. I had interlock in place but will have a interlock offense now. I haven't even went to trial for the original dui. I'm getting the machine calibrated before lock out tomorrow. Is there any chance I will be able to retain my interlock?
>>>>>>Is an interlock offense considered a second dui? I don't quite understand this question. Are you talking...
Application for MN limited license rejected because license revoked by Wisconsin. What to do now?
I have a MN License. After a DUI and as per court order, my driving privilege revoked by Wis DMV for 6 months. MN DMV revoked for 30 days. Still not able to get limited license in MN for a national registry entry by Wisconsin. Per Wisconsin DMV, the clearance will be given after 6 months. Seems , till then I'll be not able to drive even though MN revoked it only for 30 days. What to do next ?
The first step is to contact the Department of Public Safety and speak with an evaluator. They can spell out exactly...
Transfer probation to a different state
Two years ago I moved from Minneapolis down to Iowa in hopes of finding a better life as I got into too much trouble in Minnesota.Turns out I did. In the process I did end up violating my probation for my 3rd DUI. I have stayed out of trouble and started a good job and a family down here. Is it possible to move my probation down here or do I have to leave everything behind and do my time in Minneapolis?
It is best to contact the attorney that represented you on the DWI case as they are in the best position to assist you....
Will my interlock use be completely revoked due to 6 fail starts in 30days or might I keep it with the just given addional time?
I was charged with my first and only dui in May, I haven't even went to court yet. I enrolled in the interlock program and mistakenly had 6 fail starts in 30 days. I'm getting it calibrated today to avoid a lockout but is there any chance I'll be able to restart with the interlock program with the additional penalty time added on or with it be completely revoked. Also does that interlock offense count as a 2nd dui or am I now concidered an habitual offender?
The only way to know for sure is to contact the Department of Vehicle services and ask a driver evaluator. You can...