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Unsupervised probation in Ohio for a ovi and just got a public drunkenness in PA. Do I need to tell Ohio?
I just got offered a long term career job in my field and the only thing holding me back right now is being on two year probation. During that first month of being on probation in Ohio I was arrested for public drunkenness in PA. I talked to the probation office in Ohio to see if I could get my two year term reduced. Will Ohio find out about my PA arrest?
Read over the conditions of your probation. If there is a clause that states you have a duty to report any new arrests...
Should I fight my citation?
I was on the sidewalk outside of an underage party when an undercover pulled up and demanded us to sit down on the grass outside of the house. The officers stated we would all be cited for under age drinking even though they had no proof of who was and wasn't drinking...
Yes. There are drivers license suspension issues if you are convicted of underage drinking. Contact a local qualified...
DUI - CRN Evaluation. For first offense DUI (alcohol) in montgomery county PA... will there be a urine test at CRN Evaluation?
DUI level of .14.. first offense... have CRN evaluation and wasnt sure what occurred there?
There is usually not a urine test for the CRN evaluation but that is not to say that once you are placed onto the ARD...
What will show up on background check?
Got DUI in Chester County, PA, last year. Entered ARD program and am done with everything including meeting with probation officer. Now wait for papers in July to have it expunged. Got good job offer based upon background check. What will show up? Probation officer said that when applying for jobs do NOT put I was convicted of a crime, as entering the ARD program erases that. Help!
Entering the ARD program does not "erase" a conviction because there never was a conviction to erase. Your PO is...
Was i cited for DUI?
I was stupid and got pulled over for DUI. I was taken to the station and had to give a blood test. Thing is now, I'm not sure what is going on. The officer was nice enough to take me home after the fact but I didn't receive a ticket or any paperwork what so ever. What is going to happen now?
In about a week you will get a criminal complaint in the mail. It will also include the date of your arraignment and...
I need to know if they can issue a DUI to someone who was parked in a parking lot
My nephew got a DUI. He was not driving when they found him he was parked in a parking lot. The story gets complicated because he was with my 8 year old son at the time. I was the one who called the police because he was so drunk he could not communicate and I could not find him. So he was charged with child endangerment as well.
The short answer is maybe. In order to provide legal advice, I would need to know more about the specific facts. I...
How can I get my driving privileges back as quickly as humanly possible?
I am 20 years old and my license was suspended for an "underage" (four crushed empty beer cans in a trash bag found by two nosy park rangers.) I am a resident of Pa and have had one prior underage, this bars me from receiving a probationary or limited license. There is no way to drive for over a year and I was wondering if there are any other appeal processes or driving classes that I could take to reduce the sentence or if there is a fee that I can directly pay to instantly reinstate the license? Thank you very much for your reply
If you were convicted in both cases, the answer is no. Penndot is dificult to work with on their best days.