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What is the minimum and maximum sentence for 'operating a vehicle after being adjudged an HTO' (with a 10yr suspension)?
In Oct 2016, my license was suspended for 10yrs and I was given an HTO status. In Feb 2017, I was caught driving AGAIN and charged with 'operating a vehicle after being adjudged an HTO', which is a level 6 Felony. I was wondering what the minimum, maximum, and most common sentence that charge carries.
You are facing 6 months to 2.5 years (30 months) and an additional license suspension. There is no way to predict where...
Pulled over, blew a .03.
I'm currently on probation for a minor comsumption in another county. The other day I went to a club where alcohol is served and had a beer spill on me. The officer said I was suspicious and that's why. He continued to make clear that he could smell alcohol on me but I explained where I was and what happened. I got pulled over 3 hours after I had 1 beer and blew a .03. I was taken in and they did not give me a test at the station. Are PBTs admissible in Indiana court systems? I plan on hiring a lawyer, but curious if I had a case to build or just use a public defender.
there is always a case to build. go with your gut and hire the attorney. Good luck
Can i sue for public humiliation?
i got hired at this job and i told people i got hire and gave old job 2 weeks notice. i went to take drug test but the temperature thing did not read so they said i failed and will not let me retake test and now i can not be hired....i do not do drugs and i peed in the cup myself..
This is unfortunate but bringing a claim does not make sense under theses facts. Who would you even sue? There has to...
H1b Holder Caught DUI last week, H4 Dependents to travel to the US this weekend with valid visa, can they ?
Hi, Am on H1B with a valid visa / petition till Jan/2018. My bad, i got caught DUI last week for the first time, high bac and over speeding too. My court date is end of next month. with this situation, my wife and kid are in India on a vacation are scheduled to travel to the US this weekend. Going through the new rules published early this year on "Prudential Revocation" of visa due to a dui arrest, Understanding that my visa might be Prudentially Revoked anytime, can my wife and kid travel to US with their visa's being valid? if not does that mean they cannot accompany me at all, until i go back and appear for re-stamping and face consequences/medical tests? i read in few forums that people have received emails from the Consulate informing on their visa revocation within a week of their arrest for dui even with pending court appearance. Not many attorneys are aware of this new "Prudential Revocation on DUI" rule, please guide me if you know any who is updated on this new rule. if anyone has gone through a similar situation/handle a case recently, your feedback might help me to decide.
You should contact an immigration attorney to discuss this matter thoroughly. The Foreign Affairs Manual makes it...
Can a police officer see you driving and recognize you, run your name and find out you're suspended, then pull you over?
I was pulled over earlier today just after leaving class, the officer saw me pulling into class and recognized me so he ran my name and my license showed suspended, he waited for me to leave class which was 2hrs later and pulled me over! Upon pulling me over he had a k-9 unit there within minutes to search the vehicle I was driving which belonged to my girlfriends father, no drugs or weapons or anything else was found, I was arrested for driving while suspended
Unfortunately, yes. As a result of an Indiana Supreme Court case approximately 10 years ago, police officers are free...
What should i do after i arrested as "operator never licenced"?
Hi I was driiving on a two lane road from Fort Wayne, IN to Chicago,IL . One of the Marshall County,IN Police Officer stopped me becasue of speeding. Speed Limit was 60 and i was driving between 75-80mph. I was here since 13 months at the time and I couldn't get US drivers license because i am asylum applicant and waiting for my EAD. I showed my driver's license (that i have from my own country) to the officer. He then looked up something and come back to tell me to get out i wanna show you something i can't explain it from here. I went outside to near his car then turned me back and hand cuffed me while he was saying you can't drive with this license because you are in here 13 months, Indiana permits only 60 days to drive with out of state drivers license, I can't let you go. He then took me to the Marshall County Jail. They took my fingerprints, photos etc. Then i paid jail out bond which is $755 because i wasn't an Indiana Resident. Now i have a court date, by this time some of my documents arrived i was able manage to get Drivers License from Illinois. I will attend to court but i don't what should i say. Can you help me on this. Thanks
I strongly urge you to HIRE A LAWYER (caps intentional). My guess is that you have about as much business...
If I was moving and got a OWI a week before my move can I still move out of Indiana to Utah within a short amount of time?
Can cases be transfered and can I complete the requirements in another state?
You can't transfer the case, you may be able to transfer probation, or have obligations you can resolve there. You...