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How to stop my probation from being extended
I was convicted of injury with a motor vehicle while intoxicated. I have served my jail time and have been on probation for 7 1/2 years. I have compiled and completed all requirements except pay off my restitution. I have been told time and again by the judge at the sentencing and my PO that if I made a good effort ( make my 200 monthly payment ) that I wouldn't get extended. The PO I had for 7 years saw no problem letting me off now I have a new one and they want to extend me 2 more years. I have also been on minimal supervision for the last 4 years. Please help
The only way that an attorney will be able to help is if you retain one. It appears that you recognize that legal...
I got an owi from a precription I had been taking.
I got an owi citation for a prescription I was taking. At the time I was arrested I was not driving I was at a local church with my son picking up operation bootstrap gifts. They called the police. I failed 2 sobriety tests. They took me to the hospital for a blood draw. I have a public defender and he wants me to take the agreement of owi w/passenger? I do not want to take this plee but he is pushing me to do so. I have never even gotten a parking ticket? They even want an interlock system which i told him is ridiculous. I was not drinking. I think they are grasping at straws. The medication was fioricet. I am now doing my own searching for a defense, before I sign the plea.
Well, for starters, there's a misconception that OWI only means "Operating While Intoxicated." In fact, OWI can also...
Recieved a first offense OWI in Michigan on an ATV for not wearing a helmet. Licensed in Wisconsin and have 5 DUIs in Wisconsin.
Will this count as a 6th DUI in Wisconsin? Or do they stay seperate? Will this affect my probation?
The first question is whether the ATV meets the definition of a motor vehicle under WI law. Off the top of my head,...
Arrested in WI for drunk driving. My first offense. I am a FL resident. I paid bail and am supposed to appear in court.
What happens if I don't show up . Do they issue a warrant in FL or does it just stay in WI .
Failure to appear will result in a default judgment of conviction being entered against you and the forfeiture of the...
Do I need to list my underage in an application?
I got an underage not too long ago, I have not paid for it quite yet but it's not due till later, is this a crime? Should I list this on my application for a job?
Underage alcohol in Wisconsin is not a crime.
If I got a ticket for underage drinking in Ohio can I get my court date transfered to Wisconsin, where I live?
I am from Wisconsin and I was visiting friends in Ohio last weekend. I am 19 years old and I received an underage drinking ticket in Ohio and the officer assured me that it would be able to transfer to Wisconsin so I could go to my court date in Wisconsin. He made me promise him that I would call the Ohio Court to transfer my ticket to Wisconsin and when I called they told me that I have to go to my court date in Ohio and that it can't be transfered. Is there a way I can transfer my court date to Wisconsin or do I have to go all the way back to Ohio for my court date?
No. You must answer a charge in the jurisdiction in which you received it.
I'm 20 and received an owi
i was on my way home just the other day when i was about 1 mile from my house and a deer was in the road and i decided to swerve and i crashed my car. after the police came i got charged with and owi, operating w/pac, and failure to keep vehicle under control, bac was .09. this is my first offense. is there a way where i can get the charge dropped or changed. ive been told to plea guilty to the owi but i would personally try and fight it. i don't want to loose my license and i don't know what i should so and i could really use help
First, although your case is not a crime because it is a first offense, you really should hire a lawyer if you are...