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When is Miranda read to Defendant for DWI? Once in Police Station, what's the applicable time period 4 breath test 2 be given?
12:40 a.m. I was pulled over, arrested for DWI; handcuffed and placed in2 cruiser. The breathalyzer didn't work at that police station so I was transported to another police station. In the room, the Officer began to fill out her paperwork - asking me questions which I answered. She THEN and ONLY THEN read me my Miranda Rights. Additionally, she did not administer the breath test for over 2 hours from the time I was pulled over. Didn't they wait too long to administer the breath test? Wouldn't the long time period change the reading? How can I be asked questions and reply to them without the Officer not advising me of my Miranda rights?
The whole "Miranda" thing is so over blown, over dramatized, and misunderstood. With a DWI arrest, the LEAST of your...
Writing an appeal letter to DMV in NJ.
Hello, I received a letter from DMV that i will be suspended for additional 60 days on top of my current suspension due to having 20 points. I am suppose to get my license back on June 14th now they are saying i won't get it back till Aug 14th so is there any way i could get it back on June 14th or have less suspension time instead of two months. when should i send the appeal notice and should i do online defensive drive course before i send the appeal letter or doesn't really matter? Thank you very much i will appreciate all the help i can get.
You can request an opportunity hearing with the MJMVC to either reduce or eliminate the proposed additional 60 days...
I got a DUI what should I do/expect?
I got a DUI in New Jersey at 7am on Sunday and have court next week. What should I do based on the following facts... I was in New Jersey for a Bachelor Party Saturday Night. Slept at hotel. I felt sober enough to leave early in the morning to try and beat traffic to get home for Mothers Day in New York. Got pulled over for speeding (118 on a 65). Officer thought I was drunk and had me do several tests which I passed. Then arrested me and brought me to the station for breathalyzer. I blew a .09. The limit is .08. Now I have court next Thursday. I only have $1500 saved up. I doubt that's enough for a decent lawyer. What should I do? Maybe try a pro bono lawyer? What should I expect? I really don't want my license to get suspended and I don't want my insurance to go up... any help/advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Anthony
You got pulled over going 118 mph with a B.A.C. over the legal limit. You run a real risk of doing jail time. Time to...
How can I help my boyfriend avoid jail time for simple assault, dui, driving careless, and driving wreck less in New Jersey?
My boyfriend was charged with simple assault and a dui, but along with the dui they gave him wreckless driving and careless driving. We had gotten drunk in Atlantic city(we are from Philadelphia), at first we stayed in a parking garage until we had to leave so he drove a little bit until we pulled over on the AC expressway. At that time we had gotten into an argument which ended in him knocking my head against the dash board (tho it was an accident, I was admittedly in his face and he just swatted me away). I was drunk/stunned because he's never hurt me in our 3 years.. so I got out of the car and flagged down another car, which happened to be a man who was a emt. He said he had to call the police because there was a knot growing on my forehead from the tussle. Anyway so the police show and do the road tests and they booked him for all the accounts ; meanwhile he wasn't driving , we were parked/already pulled over on the shoulder yet he was charged with DUI and the other 3 charges. Also I told the police I DID NOT want to press charges and they charged him with the assault anyway.. They asked me to sign some paper , they did not explain to me what this paper I signed was.
The paper was that you did not want a restraining order. The police must charge if they see injury. That charge yu can...
Have a DUI but need to drive for a sales job. Is there Anyway that's possible?
I am 21 in NJ with no past criminal record. I was stopped and given a DUI with a .11 BAC. I was a self employed photographer but its barely making a dent in my bills. Ive had plenty of prospective job offers but all require a license/transportation because Im in sales. I've read that there is no restricted license law in this state. Is there Anything that I can do to take one of these jobs? Any loopoleso that I can drive for work?
I'm afraid there are no work exceptions in NJ. You're only hope is to beat the dwi. Hire an experienced attorney for...
In the state of new jersey at the DMV do you know of anyone directly getting arrested for having an outstanding warrant ?
I have a few misdemeanor warrants which i would love to take care of (seriously) but going to jail around christmas with not a lot of money isn't ideal for me. I'm trying to update my id so I can get another job and taking care of the warrants are tops of my to do list. I would just like to have money at the time. If anyone could give me first hand accounts of warrants at the DMV Id greatly appreciate it. Ive searched all over and it's nothing but mixed results and no definitive answer. Thank you
ALL THE TIME. several clients in the past two weeks that got taken in for outstanding warrants for not showing up to...
Can I appeal the length of an ignition interlock sentence?
2nd diu. Complied with all other requirments, community service, IDRC, ect.Still have 4 years of interlock after 2 years of license suspension.Also completed 6 months of I.o.p voluntary.
Really not enough information to answer. Likely not,, since it is over two years since your conviction, but knowing...