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My PO gv me an mtr. I hv failed my drug test several times but I hv cleaned after being locked up for 9 days. I hv fail atleast 5 Uas but I hv not touched any drugs. I'm getting. false positive Uas for cocaine n heroin. I don't understand why. I do prescribed meds. I have hired a lawyer but I don't knw how to convinced him I hvnt touched anything. Also I thought every time a Ua gets done that everything has to be done in front of u. Ex.. opening the package, pouring the speciem into the the other container. All the packaged were opened b4 I went to the back. Is that legal? I take care of my elderly sick mother. I can't get takin away. Im also a single mom of 3. Ages. All girls, 13, 12, n 9.. I don't wanna go to safe p. I HAVE cleaned up
You do have a chance of your deferred being reinstated. But, it a chance. You need to get with your lawyer and supply...
I know I have a limited amounted of time to call them...but I have absolutely no idea how this works or what I'm supposed to say or tell them. I cannot afford to lose my license especially when I'm about to start working. Please what do I do? What do I tell them? I don't understand how this process works even if I'm getting my license suspended either way, although with a consultation with an attorney I was told this is possibly the most important thing I can do. Please any answers, advice and explanations. I sincerely appreciate it.
Usually, this is handled out of the same court the DWI charge was pronounced. Did you have legal counsel on the DWI...
I'm 20 years old, no criminal history (minus a no seat belt & no insurance ticket) back in June. I was arrested Saturday night for a DWI, no proof of insurance & a speeding ticket for going 5mph over the limit. I'm assuming I failed the field sobriety test and I failed the breathalyzer. My bail was set at $4,000.00 so my dad paid $400.00 to get me out. Is there any way I can avoid further jail time? Is probation an option? I'd much rather do community service, DWI classes, & probation. This was a huge wake up call for me and I intend to never get behind the wheel of a car whilst under the influence again. Thank you for all answers in advance.
You may, or may not have been under the influence. They may or may not be able to prove it. Trained criminal lawyers do...
I was arrested for DWI last weekend. I have met a few helpful lawyers but I currently am unable to afford one, and I really don't want a court appointed attorney especially since I found out the only way I'll be able to meet with them is the day of my court date that has yet to be set. Do I have any other options available to me? I currently am behind on my vehicle, lost my insurance, and have medical bills to pay. I'm also unemployed at the moment. My parents were going to help me but they decided not to, so I'm at a loss for options. Any advice is welcome. Thank you.
You really seem skeptical of court appointed attorneys. If there is not a public defenders office in your location......
He has a pror charge of dwi w child endangerment in which he has done time for.
If he has already been sentenced to TDC, he is not eligible for shock probation since he is confined to prison.
i live in austin texas, and i am in orlando doing a contract project at the convention center. I jsut got a dui, and it says I have 10 days to dispute it and i can get a hardship license. It says my license wil be suspended for up to a year. If my drivers license was issued in texas does that mean that the same thing will happen in Texas, and if so can I get a hardship license?
Yes, although there is always the possibility that it will take time or perhaps get lost,, but plan on getting a...
After being charged with DWI in Dallas, TX, I relocated to CA for work (I maintain residences in both states). I have already served a six month ALR suspension. I am looking to make a plea agreement which would result in a conviction on my record. Will my TX license be suspended again? How difficult would it be to reinstate? Would it be better to obtain a CA license before making the plea? Would my CA license be suspended in this event? What would the process be to reinstate it?
If this is your first DWI you will not have an additional suspend ouch you plead to probation. So you would have no...