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DUI case was dropped, will it still show on my record?
I was booked for DUI in 2007 in Pleanston, CA & spent the night in jail. I went to the court house for my hearing and was told that they couldn't locate my file and the only thing I had I pay was a speeding fine. Will my record still show a DUI despite the fact that court couldn't find my file?
The arrest record will remain on your record. Hire counsel to take care of that
First Offense DUI blew 0.15 on a breathalyze but 0.19 on blood work.
This is my first DUI offense and I highly regret doing it. There was no incidents and no other charges. I was pulled over going back home from a party. The officer made me blow and the breathalyzer showed 0.15. He immediately arrested me and took me to jail and I stayed there for 12 hours. I requested a hearing and they told me my blood work shows 0.19. However I went to my first court date after 27 days. I went upstairs to DA's office they told me they don't have my files yet. I'm scared of serving jail time and is that mandatory or with first offense you don't usually serve? Thanks in advance.
You need to hire an experienced DUI attorney to represent you in your case. First offense do carry jail time but are...
Son arrested on a no bail warrant for failure to appear on dui related charge. What are the usual consequences ?
Dui arrest in 2013. Missed court date this past September. Police made contact with him Nov. 15, 2014, while he was driving on a suspended license.
Your question is impossible to answer. What are "DUI related charges?" The punishment for a DUI depends on things...
My friend was arrested for PC273a & VC23152 should she get an attorney? Does she have to stay in jail 48 hours prior to bail?
A young child (9 years old) was in the car when she was pulled over for her DUI. Will this be a felony? No accident was involved.
if your friend could post bail she will not have to spend 40 hours in jail. She should get an attorney as soon as...
DUI and with no license what happens now? Have court in a few weeks what can I expect in Alameda County court?
It's my first offense with no prior criminal charges.
An attorney can appear for you at your arraignment, which is your first court hearing, obtain the police reports and...
My dui is 10 years old. I am cleared with the courts but not dmv. I am hoping to take the online course. Is that possible?
CA DMV will not accept an online program. You must enroll in an in-person program to get the dmv hold taken off and get...
Do i need to hire attorney now? Again..
I called mandatory actions to find out the status license since i got convicted for DUI in February. I know the restriction eligibility (3rd, multi-off) changes now a conviction is in place. However, this DMV dept has no record of the conviction, only the admin per se and original ticket...they said they should have received from court via electronically the conviction 7-10days generally from this county and this long definitely strange? I am 7 months into 1-yeard hard suspension and just doing the dmv penalty since no i need attorney again or let this ride, i am lost and neither court nor dmv cares- understandably? My former atty retired. Thank you..
You may choose to add your case to the court's calendar and request that a new abstract be sent to the DMV reflecting...