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County) who orders the installation...the Court or is it the DMV? Assume no extenuating circumstances, etc. Thanks. Oh, and what is the general length? 5 mos? Longer?
DMV orders the installation. The length of time it has to be on the vehicle is 5 months.
a court date has been set for later this month. I have been under the impression that my license won't be suspended until after the DMV hearing but I'm not so sure what happens at the court date since it is scheduled only 25 days after my arrest and apparently before my yet unscheduled DMV Hearing. Will my license be suspended then at the court date even if it's before my dmv hearing? What is the usual or probable occurrence here. Thanks.
The dmv and court are seperate. your turn into a wreck to set the DMV hearing to contest the license suspension if...
Convicted. How long can I be expected to have to keep the device installed? Can you give different ranges for different blood levels and also inform me what happens if I travel for personal business and want to rent a car etc. thanks!
The DMV will require the IID in any car registered in your name. Once convicted of DUI it is illegal to drive with ANY...
I went too return to my job and found out my license was suspended.So the DMV said I got my license suspended because I refused to take a piss test when they were trying to charge me with a DUI. Now since the case was dropped Shouldn't the DMV do the same.
Not necessarily. The dmv can impose a suspension separate from anything the court does. If you failed to request a dmv...
be required. Can anyone who is familiar with Alameda County's ( Pleasanton) actual practice for a first time offender ( breathalyzer .13 and .14...blood at .16) policy for length of time required to have the device on and does restricted driving time require it and count as part of the required IDD time ? Originally my attorney said it could be 2-3 years but the DUI school said 5 months and most other responses say 5 mos. Makes a big difference to me. I don't want him to settle my case for less of a deal than is generally handed out!
In Pleasanton there will be some variation between the Judges, although our office has never had a first offense...
Breathalyzer level was measured at .13 and .14. At the station blood test was was .16. I've read where above .15 can be enhanced penalty in California. The arrest was in Pleasanton, Alameda County. second court date set for June 25. I've scheduled a DMV hearing (within the 10 day limit) but haven't been scheduled yet. If we accept a plea bargain at the next court date, what is the likely scenario for penalties? Will the .13 and .14 keep me from enhanced penalties? Is it the court that decides the length of the suspension? If the DMV date hasn't happened by the time of the court date, seems to me no use to go if we decide to plea bargain. Any help is appreciated. Just trying to get the picture here given the scenario.
You really need to talk with a DUI lawyer local to where you are charged. Under the circumstances, you really need...
The defense attorney generally meet with the DA just once before the second court date to negotiate a plea or more than once or how does it come down??
Usually, attorneys don't meet with the DA until the next hearing. DA's are busy and often don't return calls or emails,...