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How do I know when I can take the interlock device out of my car? I will be able to get regular license back in November ,
I won't have in in for a whole year, did not get the device put in until several months later.
You will read your Court paperwork or ask your lawyer. Since none of lawyers have any of that or your case our wild...
I was arrested and charged with a DUI. The light had changed. I came to a sudden stop, almost running a red light
He asked me to get out of the vehicle, He gave me a field test, I was cuffed and taken into the station where they told me they were gonna draw blood. At first I was reluctant said that I wanted to talk to a lawyer beforehand. I was told that if for any reason I refuse that they would hold me down, pepper spray me and do it anyway. I told them it was a violation of my rights. said they had a warrant. I was poked in both arms for a total of 3 times. They could not get a blood sample. Then to another room to get a breathalyzer test. I blew in that machine many times as instructed. That did not work either. Now 4 hours into this I asked the cop why I was being held seeings both had Negative results, and he said I was being held on probable cause. Will this get thrown out in court?
Good question. It certainly sounds like there are issues to be argued in favor of suppression and dismissal. You need...
Misspelled name on dui warrant and wrong date on consent form for blood test (IS THIS A REASON TO DROP?)
I got a dui and was asked to do a blood test, so I did (but they dated the consent form for a date after I went to court the first time.) So I looked to find that my last name starts with a T and they had it with a Y, (so that would not be my name.) So do you think this might get dropped,
I suppose there is a possibility you got a copy of the wrong consent form but the only error, besides the date, is one...
DUI arrest with multiple traffic violations
One of my friend arrested for DUI with several other charges. He is undocumented immigrant so I do not know if some one will help him or not. some one has already pay bond amount 10% for him. but he was put under 'immigrant hold". not sure, he has to face criminal changes or he has to face a deportation charges or both. As a friend , i am LPR so i am afraid that if i go to jail to meet him or if I help him in hiring attorney. will this has any impact on my LPR status and getting my citizenship. Also would like to know that if he does not hire attorney and pled guilty then he got convicted for all the seven charges. and how he requested public defense attorney for his criminal case. He is alerady under the medication of acute psoriasis so i am not sure that he is able to get the treatment for the same in jail.
Your friend has to face both Immigration and the state court system. They are two separate issues that are connected...
Legal fee for top DUI attorney????
This is my second DUI charge. I was convicted of the first DUI charge. I know I will pay more for a top DUI attorney. Would someone please give me a ball park figure for the attorney fee regarding this second DUI defense. There were no injuries to any third party. My offense occurred out of my home county if that makes any difference. I live in Knoxville TN and the offence was in Jefferson City TN. Thank you.
I Estimate 1000-2000 dollars if you want effective rep. This is for lower court only.
What if I don't have a lawyer for my second court date for a dui
I can't afford a lawyer and just recently lost my job not because of the dui
Contact the local public defenders office immediately.
Will I be arrested for violation of probation of a Tennessee DUI?
I finished my community service days, paid all fines and self reported for me requested time. The only request I did not fill was my DUI class. I moved and things got hectic at the end. But I have a date and paperwork of me having a class prepared for after my court date. I am representing myself so I really need guidance.
If the DUI class was a requirement of your probation then yes your probation officer could file a violation that you...