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How to remove a supended license off your driving record?
I got stopped driving with a suspended license about 3 years ago I didn't know it was suspended. Well I paid all my fines and got it reinstated a few days later I get a letter stating that I will be suspended for a year bc I got caught driving suspended. Well my year is up and I'm no longer suspended but it's still on my record and my insurance rates are insanely high. Is there any way I can have it removed so I can have lower insurance rates?
You can get the license reinstated but you cannot remove it from your driver's record. The issue of you insurance...
Immigration. How to fight a dui deportation? Is there any hope? How do we fight the immigration?
My fiance got a dui 3 years ago which made it a felony because it was his third one. I think he has 5 for his whole life. Noone was ever injured. He is a LPR Immigration took him into custody and denied bond we requested bond and the judge denied it also. He entered into rehab and hasn't had a drop in more than 2 years we have a 8 year old daughter and buying our home. I have hired a lawyer he wants to appel the bond. I just want to know if we stand a chance is there any dui cases that have been won and what are our chances? They are only looking at his duis not how hard he has worked to stay sober and what about all these years he has worked and paid taxes and built his life here he has been in the us for 28 years. Please how can we fight this. Now what can he do to try and get a bond?
It is going to be hard, but not altogether impossible. I hope you have a good lawyer. One would have to look at ten...
What can I do if I was searched without my consent and nothing was found?
I was pulled over as I exited the interstate for not decelerating quickly enough. The officer ransacked my truck and went through my wallet without my permission. When he found nothing, he stated that I needed to clean my truck (he being the one who trashed it). This isn't the first time this cop has pulled me over accusing me of having drugs. I have no prior drug charges or any charges for that matter. I know my rights have been violated. What can I do about this? Who should I complain to? I would like to put a stop to the harrassment
You can sue! But you won't get much out of it. What did the inconvenience cost you? That's what you will win. Now, in...
Can I lose my kids for testing positive for THC?
CPS gave me a urine and hair test. My urine sample was negative, but I know my hair will test positive for THC.
since none of us lawyers work for cps or have your case there is no way to tell.
If I fail a drug test for coke and weed will they arrest me on the spot or next go around on pre trail
Done some coke and had weed in my system from engagement night got a test tomorrow at 1 will they arrest me on sight or wait till next time?
I cannot tell you with any degree of certainty what I am going to have for dinner, much less whether or not you will be...
What can happen if you fail a drug screen during a pti program but for a completely different drug from the one you're charged w
On pti for pot charges Beend doing amphetamines instead and have failed the drug acreen
Uou Can Be Booted Out If diversion.
Why plead no contest to DUI when blood test was lost?
I was involved Ina head-on MVA after the front end of my car was clipped in a hit-and-run, sending my car into oncoming traffic. The result was a collision with a truck. It was 5 am as I was on my way to work. As the state police were searching my purse for ID they found a prescription bottle of pain medication I had filled the day prior. If they had counted them, it would have been discovered that all were there. I wasn't charged with DUI until over a year later in the course of a civil suit. As it was a hit-and- run that started the chain of command, I'm the only one left to go after in the money train. I called the state crime lab repeatedly and they have no blood test results for me even though one was done upon my ER admission. It was discarded before I was even sent to a room. What I'd like to know is why I'd be advised to plea no contest by my attorney. I was already thoroughly upset at the charge being dismissed due to a technicality, but the idea of pleading no contest seems beyond ludicrous! The assistant DA wants to get my medical records, which as of now the judge has denied.
That is not a question that we can answer. We haven't seen the other evidence, but only have your interpretation of it....