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    Dec 30, 2015 | via Landmark 

    A man accused in a springtime sexual assault in Platte City has a court appearance set Jan. 21 in front of Platte County Circuit Court Judge James VanAmburg. James D. Knight, 66, who lists an Alabama address, is charged with three felonies in connection with a sexual assault of a woman he had met at the Pool Hall in downtown Platte City.


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First DUI. Happened to be on a suspended license. 23years of age. Refusal of ALL test. Wondering about court proceedings?
Switched to driver seat in gas station parking lot. There was an officer parked slightly behind building ( no to my knowledge) WHen pulling out of the parking lot, without driving more then 50 feet, was pulled over. The officer went straight to asking if I had been drinking, said no. She asked for insurance etc. my license is suspended. Owner of car was in front seat.. I refused breathalyzer, and when booked UA, AND BA refusal. They were not able to obtain in time with warrant. I do have a lawyer. But he has not really spoken with me about the outcome. I understand I will lose my license for a year because of refusal, however I do not understand what will happen from here on out. Please help me understand what (if any) choices I have from here on out and what process that might entail!!!!
I recommend that you immediately contact a local attorney in Platte City MO who specializes in criminal defense. Use...
Can people intoxicated legally consent to sex?
If 2 people in Missouri are over the age of consent but both under the age of 21 to drink. They end up having intercourse consentually. She actually is the one that asked for it. Can people who are intoxicated legally consent to sex. Not intoxicated as can't walk or blacked out just intoxicated as a good buzz.
There is no law that automatically prohibits an intoxicated person from consenting. But an incapacitated person cannot...
How do I handle these outstanding warrants?
I have outstanding warrants for dui and one bad check. It's over 3 1/2 to 4 years old. It was a mistake on my part and was really scared about the repercussions. I know have gotten my life together and want to clean everything better.
Glad to hear about getting your life together. Your first step would be to consult with a criminal attorney to review...
Will I violate probation? What typically happens?
I've had my ignition interlock device for almost a year (10 months) and I have had no issues with it. Last week I blew before work and it failed me. I blew again after a few minutes and I passed. I was too afraid to retest and get locked out or something so I decided to have a friend drive me to work. I haven't drank in a year and a half. I live in Missouri.
If you passed very shortly after you had a failure, it should not end with you being violated for the one failure....
Can i sue Guardian interlock for damaging my car?
I was forced to put the interlock in for an extra 6 months after the shop took it off without telling me i needed to call the state to confirm the dates, it was within 10 days of getting it removed. I had to put it in my new car and when they attempted to do so they damaged my electrical harness in my car, i had to take it to the dealership, five days and $400 later they told me the person that put it in knocked a harness loose. I have contacted the company 3 times now, no response, this happened back in July and no one will return my call. I have a full report from the dealership stating what happened.
Yes you could. But if your damages are only $400 then its probably not worth the time and money it will cost to sue....
I am on probation with Midwest adp for a dui I got another one which revoked my probation an had to start over so I got lucky.
Now I recently got a driving on revoked ticket which is another violation what should I expect to happen at court. Ps it's the same judge that has dealt with all this
Possible jail time. Speak to the attorney who is handling your cases.
DWI warrant from 2001 in Springfield MO. Have had others since. What will happen when Springfield DWI is taken care of?
Zero tolerance in 1999. DWI with refusal to blow in 2006, 2008, 2010. 2010 was class D felony conviction with 7 year sentence serving 120 days in prison/treatment. Will that affect the sentencing/penalty for the 2001 DWI when it is taken care of? What could happen and what do you recommend? Thanks
With your record, I hope the cop has retired. Was the ticket a city or state charge? You need a lawyer. Take in your...