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    Friday Jun 19 | via Landmark 

    Will an architectural study currently underway at the Platte County Detention Center provide an answer to an occasionally spiking incarceration rate? On Monday, Captain Joseph King, division commander of the county jail facility, asked the Platte County Commission to approve a contract to initiate a study exploring the expansionary opportunities at the detention center. The information gathered will be used in the potential planning and development of the jail.


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First DUI. Happened to be on a suspended license. 23years of age. Refusal of ALL test. Wondering about court proceedings?
Switched to driver seat in gas station parking lot. There was an officer parked slightly behind building ( no to my knowledge) WHen pulling out of the parking lot, without driving more then 50 feet, was pulled over. The officer went straight to asking if I had been drinking, said no. She asked for insurance etc. my license is suspended. Owner of car was in front seat.. I refused breathalyzer, and when booked UA, AND BA refusal. They were not able to obtain in time with warrant. I do have a lawyer. But he has not really spoken with me about the outcome. I understand I will lose my license for a year because of refusal, however I do not understand what will happen from here on out. Please help me understand what (if any) choices I have from here on out and what process that might entail!!!!
I recommend that you immediately contact a local attorney in Platte City MO who specializes in criminal defense. Use...
Coming up on the end of my 5 Year license suspension for DWI. In Missouri I have seen that you need to file a petition?
Do I need to file a petition against the State in order to be able to get my license back or is it "time served"?
You have to file a action in court. It is not automatic. You need an attorney as well.
I got a DUI 8 years ago, do i still put it on job applications?
I got a DUI in Arkansas in 2007 and convicted in 2008. I need to know if I should put that down on a job application.
Unless there is a reason that it would be a closed record it will still appear on any criminal history ran as well as...
What is admissible as probable cause?
I have a DUI pending but the probable cause listed is my medical records from a previous hospital visit earlier in the week stating I had been drinking. Is there a time limit they have to abide by when using my medical records? Doesn't the hospital have to inform me if they've released these records to anyone?
Do you mean to ask what is admissible evidence in a probably cause hearing or would this constitute probably cause?
I got a second DWI in Missouri- what are my consequences?
I received my first dwi in April 2014. The police filed my paperwork wrong and it doesn't show up on my record. My lawyer stopped calling because he said he doesn't want to bring attention to it. I got my second DWI Saturday (May 2015) although the cop never saw me driving. My car fell into a ditch in front of my house and I was out side of the car looking at the damage. He happened to drive by as I was looking at the tire. I refused to blow and was booked and placed in a 12 hour hold. What kind of punishment are we looking at here? Jail was the worst experience of my life, I want to avoid it if possible.
Contact a local DUI lawyer for a free consultation. The consequences will vary depending on if they file your first...
Just wondering if I have a case against my ex wife of the adoption of my daughter.
2 years ago I signed the rights to my daughter over to my ex wife and her new husband which one did you adopt my daughter I did so only on the circumstances that my child support would stop and that all ten thousand dollars in back child support would be forgivenI've got all the paperwork stating in the paperwork that everything was supposed to be forgiven but now they're garnishing my wages taking my tax return what can I do about thisdo I have a case and how do I go about it
Typically any past due child support obligation is not waived. The effect of the adoption is to stop any future child...
My roommate got a DWI in Kansas about two years ago. He got a second one this past weekend in Missouri.
Did the first one transfer over to Missouri? Will he be considered a second time offender? How long will his license be suspended most likely? If his license is suspended will the court make exceptions to allow him to drive to work or will me or someone else have to drive him?
All DUI convictions will be counted regardless of the state that it was committed in, so yes he will be considered a...