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Is this person going to jail at the return of the conditional discharge?
Was on probation for a dui and driving on a suspended license. Broke probation a week later with another dui and driving on suspended. There are now 5 charges each with an imprisonment order written by the judge and county jail sentence in force on each. Conditional discharge of five months was given in June with a return date of November 1st. Is this person going to jail on November 1st to serve the jail sentences given on each charge?
I do not practice in Kendall County, and I am not quite sure what you mean when you say there is "an imprisonment order...
Can I be arrested for DUI if I am totally out of the car and sitting on the curb?
My daughter, parked her car on the roadway because she was feeling sick, got out of the car and called someone to come get her. Police arrived and found out she had been drinking, underage. None of the documentation I have, as her father, mentions anything about DUI. Just underage drinking. Could she still be charged with DUI after the fact?
Yes. The police don't charge, they write tickets, and make arrests, but it's the prosecutor's office that determines...
I failed a BAIID test, please advise.
I recently had a dinner party at my home. I consumed approximately 5-6 glasses of wine, ending at about 1AM. I waited until about 1030 am to submit a test in my BAIID machine, and failed. I received a letter stating that my BAS was .087. How is this possible? What steps should I take? I am literally at a loss for words, I need to be able to drive for work.
Not nearly enough info. Are you on supervision? Just on an an MDDP. What level are you? Are you on a "no alcohol"...
My husband was convicted on his 2nd DUI after I filed for divorce. Can I get sole custody of my children?
I am currently the custodial parent and we currently have temporary joint custody.
Possibly but that does not have anything to do with how much time they spend with each parent. Nor does it mean he...
When does revocation due to DUI actually start?
I was recently convicted of dui. It's my second arrest, but first conviction. I know I will be revoked for a minimum of 1 year. My question is will the letter I get from the SoS show a starting date for the revocation that is set for AFTER the letter is sent out, as was the case with the SSS letter they sent? Or am I considered revoked once my paper work hits their system. If thats the case, how would I know exactly when my revocation starts?
Yours is an administrative question for the Sec. of State and this is a general legal Q and A forum. Call Jesse White'...
Question about RDP eligibility
Does all of the community service and all of the fines have to be paid before I can request a hearing for an RDP? Or is it only necessary to have everything complete when I'm asking for full reinstatement?
payment of fines and community service our court matters, a restricted driving permit is issued by the Secretary state...
Did I violate my Dui court supervision?
I am on supervision for a 1st time dui in Dupage county. I have completed all my requirements and paid the fine. I received a letter in the mail from the probation office stating I could sign an affidavit so I dont have to go to my last court date on 11/5. The clerk asked me if I had received any tickets. I answered no and signed the form. After I got home I started panicking because I assumed that they checked for violations prior to sending me that letter. I did receive a red light camera ticket back in the summer of 2012, a couple months after I was on court supervision, and I received a speeding ticket this April that I received court supervision for. Should I go to my last court date? I assumed if I violated my supervision that I would have been notified when it happened.
The red light ticket is not a violation of your supervision. However, the speeding ticket could be. It's up to the...