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What can happen if you get a DUI and next month you have a court could you get sent to jail?
This one friend got stopped on Saturday for drinking and driving. He has court next month and does he have to be present or could his attorny go and represent him?
If the attys on Avvo can't answer your questions, call a local DUI attorney for advice.
Can I be forced to do a drug inpatient program even though I was granted by the court prior a second chance to do outpatient?
In July 2016 I was civilly committed into detox for drugs. I completed the detox program and was sentenced to do an outpatient program in my town. I failed to successfully complete the outpatient program. I don't have any drug related charges or arrests. I recently have had a review of my case in court and was granted a second chance at successfully completing the same exact outpatient program. When I went in for my assessment, my long term therapist who I've had for about 5 years did the assessment. She told me in her own words that she was "biased" about that matter and that she thought I should do inpatient treatment. I have been clean and working hard on my recovery since I failed my first attempt at outpatient treatment. I have strived in many aspects of my life since July 2016. I have court coming up soon to review the second evaluation, which they recommended I do an impatient program. I thought about getting a second evaluation done somewhere else before the court date just to prove that I'm serious about my sobriety and that an inpatient program is unnecessary.
Yes, you can. You were given a chance under certain conditions and you failed to follow through with your obligation....
What will happen to me after pleing guilt to a DUI offence and it was my first
It was my first offence and I plead guilty to it,my assylum application is in process and I'm afraid it may cause me to be deported and I have a family now with a kid,and also I'm afraid it may cause me to be denied assylum or greencard application.iam confused and in a dilemma.i have started paid the fine 50$ a month since I could not afford it fully,
You need to do two things since you have a lot on the line. 1) contact a DUI attorney in your area immediately. 2) hire...
What will happen if I come up positive?
I live in Iowa and am on Probation. Haven't been drug tested yet but my last meeting with my officer is coming up and was wondering what would happen if I come positive in a drug test. She told me to let her know if I slip up so then she won't have to test me but is she trying to trick me?
A positive drug test is a violation of probation, which could lead to revocation and imposition of the original sentence.
What are my chances of getting a 3rd owi reduced to a 2nd offense?
I was recently arrested for a 3rd owi. I cooperated with the officers and did the tests. My bac was .21. Is it possible my attorney can get it plead to a 2nd owi misdemeanor?
Probably not. However, it is imperative that you get an attorney to handle this for you in order to minimize your...
Polices offices collect my urine for drug test only 1 cup cap was not seal up or bag on date on lid no paper work was given to m
Was arrested from home charged with owi pass breathe test faild the walk officer thn said I on drugs there was no drug reconciliation offices on call so hand cuff on jail I went
Ok. If you've been charged with a crime, you should hire an experienced criminal defense attorney.
Will I get drug tested and what happens if I fail?
I am on formal probation for a first offense owi. That's not all that happened though. I hit a gas pump and fled the scene of the accident. I spent 30 days in county jail. All I got charged with was a first offense owi. I've been on probation for about 6 months now and have already payed my $300 probation fee (Payed it as soon as I got out of jail). I meet about every 2 months it seems and haven't been drug tested yet. I'm on probation for a year so I got about 6 months left. Will I get drug tested for a non drug related crime? If so what happens if I fail considering I haven't took one yet?
If you pick up a new charge while on probation, your probation could be revoked. If your PO suspects that you are using,...