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Dui smuggleing conterband into jail and possession of meth they droped all but possission of meth of a empty container
i was pulled over for a crack in window cop smelled weed i provide my medical card, i did a feild test on the spot i told the cop i havent smoked since 4am that morning 9 hours have already passed the cop said he thought i was under the influenceand arrested me at the jail when searched they found a empty container in my paints i didnt thank nothing of it because it had been cleaned but they found a unuseable trace amount then at court they droped the dui and the smugleing into jail and charged me with possission of meth
Possession of Meth is a felony in Michigan, so you need good legal representation. The lawyer may want to challenge...
Seat belt ticket on restricted license?
I currently have a restricted license and my restrictions are that i can drive from 7am to 11pm and can drive to and from work 24 hours a day, no moving violations, and seat belt use is required. I know that a seat belt ticket is just a citation with a 65$ fine and no points but am wondering if this ticket will be violating my restriction's? I can not afford to lose my license again and am wondering what will happen?
Small infraction like that usually isn't a violation.
I am under 21 and facing a zero tolerance owi. What can I get this reduced to
This is my first offense and I blew under .08
That depends on a number of factors including the strenghth of the case against you and the policy of the prosecutor's...
Is dry blood in a vehicle binding in court for DUI
My son rolled his truck and left the scene of the accident late at night. Claims he was not drinking !!?? The investigating officer 3 hours after the accident took a sample of dry blood from arm rest of truck door to check for DUI. Is this submittable in court? I took my son to file a report 10 hours later and he was given two tickets: leaving scene and reckless driving. We live in lower Michigan.
While its possible, I'm thinking its more of a scare tactic to get him to admit to drinking. Speak to no one and get a...
If I am HIV positive could My medications have an effect on the Blood alcohol tests? The blood test, not the breathalyzer
Been on My meds for 6 months, I am on complera, Wellbutrin, Lamasil
Some medication will raise your alcohol level. However this is not a defense.
Can i be charged with having a open container & a dui if i wasnt given a BAC test or a citation?
I was pulled over for improper use of a turn signal, when i stopped the cops asked almost immediately to search the car but never gave a reason. Nervously i let them search and they found a empty beer can under the front seat, but they let me go told me i would receive a ticket for the turn signal in the mail. Now im going to be arraigned for a open container & a dui.
You should immediately hire a lawyer, aas the facts you list do not support those charges. Avvo has them. Good luck.
(Michigan) Can I ask for the blue book value for restitution if it was totaled after a collision with a drunk driver?
I was hit by a drunk driver, I only had PLPD insurance. I am giving a copy of all the costs I acrewed as a result of the crash such as towing which my insurance did not cover. The vehicle has been estimated and totaled out as the cost to repair the vehicle is past the threshhold of what the vehicle is worth. I have the estimate as well as the kelly blue book value of my vehicle plus the cost of towing. My vehicle is worth between $1,800 and $2,042 and I want to ask for $2,000 to replace the totaled vehicle because that left me and my family without a vehicle plus the $150 towing cost so a total of $2,140. Is that realistic to ask for?
It's a reasonable request. I would keep copies of all receipts and paperwork that you have been given so that you can...