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I had an accident got a owi ticket did not go to jail its been over a month the court has no info on file what do i do
accident got ticket. hospital drew blood
The police and the prosecutor are probably waiting for the results of the blood test to come back from the state lab,...
Does Kalamazoo, Van Buren, Allegan or Calhoun Counties located in Michigan utilize Hair Testing during probation for a OWI/DUI?
Curious as to alcohol testing methods during probation and then again when being released from probation for a misdemeanor OWI Conviction in several Southwest Michigan counties.... BAC, Blood, Urine Analysis, Hair or Fingernail testing...
Have you been convicted yet? Did you ask the attorney that helped these questions?
Dui smuggleing conterband into jail and possession of meth they droped all but possission of meth of a empty container
i was pulled over for a crack in window cop smelled weed i provide my medical card, i did a feild test on the spot i told the cop i havent smoked since 4am that morning 9 hours have already passed the cop said he thought i was under the influenceand arrested me at the jail when searched they found a empty container in my paints i didnt thank nothing of it because it had been cleaned but they found a unuseable trace amount then at court they droped the dui and the smugleing into jail and charged me with possission of meth
Possession of Meth is a felony in Michigan, so you need good legal representation. The lawyer may want to challenge...
How does a license suspension hearing go and what are the penalties
Spouse got pulled over for "blocked plate". Officer stated that there is no ball on trailer hitch allowed.. But there was no blocking of the plate. Spouse had a suspension on license without knowing was taken to lock up. Posting bond now. There will be a court date.. Not sure what to do next.
Recent court decisions provide that if a trailer ball blocks any number/letter on the plate from ANY angle, then the...
Can I volunteer time labor (cleaning, cooking etc) at my local jail or court house in Allegan county to pay off my fines?
I served 3 days in jail already for a suspended license violation. My fines are almost two thousand dollars.. the job I have now barley pays the bills much less put food on the table for my kids. So I'm wondering if I can do basically community service to put towards my fines?
Check with your probation officer. A lot of judges make those kind of arrangements. If you are not on probation, then...
Is Driving while Impaired - Alcohol the same as Driving while Visually Impaired?
I was with the prosecuting attorney during the pre-trial. I was charged with possession of Marijuana and Operating while Intoxicated. We made a deal and agreed to have the charge of possession dropped and drop my charge to Driving while Impaired - Alcohol. I was told of all the fines to expect from the prosecuting which is everything for Driving while visibly impaired. $300 fine, 2 - $500 driver responsibility fees. Restricted Licsense for 30 days. 4 points. I understand the prosecuting attorney can lie to me. I understand I should of had a lawyer, I could not afford one and I was not appointed one due to how much I "made" ($10 an hour) Was I duped to getting a DUI/OWI I never heard the Prosecutor ever say the word "Visibly" although he did write down Driving while Impaired -Alcohol. I am afraid I got duped into getting the charge that has a consequence of $100 to $500 fine and 2 Driver responsibility charges of $1000. 6 points. Suspended license. What do you guys think? If you need any more info let me know and thank you so much. (I know, I made a huge mistake and this charge has turned my life around for the better) Sentencing is tomorrow. I know I will figure it out
It is the same thing, just another way of saying it. Driving While Visibly Impaired is the official charge. It is often...
I was charged with dwls, in allegan county MI, am I likely to face jail time or just a fine?
I have a revoked licence due to two DUI's. The first was in 2010 I was sentence 6 months probation and a fine. 2012 I received my second dui and was charged 2 years probation, 45 day alcohol monitoring, and a fine. I also have a misd. for operating a motorcycle w/o endorsement in 2009 that I was fined for. Also a minor in possession of alcohol in 2008 I was fined for. When I received the dwls I was traveling from my employer home. I was stopped for a brake light failure.
Jail is possible, but from my experience the standard sentencings are either fines/costs or probation. However, you...