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Are judges more likely to listen to cops over DWI experts?
Correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I understand, the testimony of the arresting officer in a DUI case is all of the evidence that the state needs to convict you. Even if the breath test is thrown out, it doesn't matter because the cop can say "they looked pretty drunk to me" and win the case that way. If a DWI expert challenges the officer's testimony, will the judge even listen to them or are you doomed to be found guilty no matter what?
Find an attorney skilled in DWI cases (who will know what experts to bring, you will not), pay him and ask him the...
What if I have a court date in a different state but I have to go back to my home state before the court date?
It's an underage drinking case given in Plainsboro, NJ and I need to go back to San Diego, California.
Sometimes, in New Jersey, you can plead by affidavit if there is a hardship. Living in California is most certainly a...
2c:35-10.5e(1) alprolazam ; 2c:35-10b ; 2c:36-6 ; 2c:36-2 ; tickets - improper parking, DWI, reckless driving, cds in a mv
in 2004 I was on PTI so probation would be next. I was in a CVS parking lot, was never witnessed driving, I was PARKED, keys on my lap, door opn a lil bc I ws to go in cvs but fell asleep n warmth of sun aftr using in the lot but they trick talked me an had me "admit to driving" while I really used in the lot an was scared to say so. the alpro is from a friend of mines script tht ws drpped in car n tld me to keep w/my meds Ill brng hm to crt w/ script n say so. needle I kno frm govnr is not illegal bc I have the 10 pck bag tht I got frm pharm witout script thnx 2 the govnrs law passing. I had evrythng n plain site bc I just used reason why it wsnt hidden but thy RIPD MY CAR APART n I hve pix aftr impnd as proof. I see drg spclst dr, thrpst, medsmthdone alrdy, UAtstd 2/mo, wrk 3.5yr hlt ins
There is really not much to say other than hire a lawyer. You have some hefty charges with serious consequences. You...
Will I go to jail? Driving with a DUI license suspension..
About two years ago I was convicted of a marijuana DUI. I did the 7 month loss of license period. Paid all the fines and court costs and completed the required 12 hours of IDRC. I got my license restored then IDRC suspended my license for non compliance in their 16 week treatment program. I'm in the program in compliance now, but IDRC won't send DMV a letter of compliance until after 12 weeks. My question is will I still be subject to the harsher penalties of driving with a suspended license because of DUI, and is there an attorney that could help me out of this situation?
The statutory enhancements (10 to 90 days jail and one to two-year loss of license) apply to "any person … under...
Arrested, did few tests, taken to jail, called a friend to pick me up, was picked after about an hour, no breath test,court date
the car was parked outside club and was on drivers seat but the car was off and my keys were still in my pocket. was asked to pick up the car next day
I am going to make the assumption that your question is what are your chances of a successful defense. If that is...
If I plead guilty to dui last week in NJ can I reopen the case and how?
My lawyer told me that I have 0 chances of winning. When I told him go to trial he said WHY take my we did. Judge asked us if we were forced we said no, he asked were we happy with lawyer we said yes. Since we plead guilty we thought we had to say all this. We never saw our evidence, tape and report. After pleading, we saw it and believe we were misled and the lawyer as we strongly believe he never studied our case and did not want to go to trial. We caught several instances on video that would prove us innocent, which he said did not exist. Which means he never watched the video. We know we can appeal but based on the transcript of us pleading, we did not object to anythng and took the blame. however, we were forced to so--what should we do now? Can we reopen the case?
Did you waive your appeal rights when you pled guilty? If you did, and if you said that you were not pressured into a...
Withhold of adjudication / NOLO Contendere
Is a prior out of state DUI case with Withhold of adjudication / NOLO Contendere consider a prior conviction in N.J?
Any lawyer will tell you that they would need more details regarding the jurisdiction in which you had the no contest...