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I was convicted of a DUI in Wisconsin on an Illinois license. I've been required to get an interlock device & an assessment. When ring Wisco they say I need to be assessed by Illinois. I rang Illinois but my license is clean there so they don't want to assess me. What should I do? Also I'm leaving the country for 6 months for work. Will this get me into trouble because I won't be here to install the interlock device. Also is it better just to sell my van?
The requirement cannot be ignored because when you call you are directed elsewhere. It is a court order that you do...
I have reinstated my license in WI, and I am not allowed to drive in MN until Feb 7th. Not sure if I have to pay a fee to drive or if I can just start driving.
You will not be legally able to drive in MN until you satisfy all of MN's reinstatement requirements.
This is a 1st owi with child under 16 b.a.c. was .14. Milwaukee county
I think you should be glad you're not in jail! Judges have wide latitude to order things like IIDs.
They have offered: plead guilty to owi 1st and owi 2nd, fines of $900 and $1500, 40 days jail, IID, and continue AODA, and they will dismiss Resisting an Officer and traffic violation. What can/should my attorney counter offer be??
Your attorney can/should determine that.
On the WI DMV site, it says that no points are assessed for convictions from other states, but the conviction is on the WI driver record. What does this mean for me? Will my insurance be impacted? I travel for my job, and have a car rental membership where I skip the counter. Will I run into issues here?
These aren't really legal questions. Your insurance could go up as the conviction will be noted on your home record....
Arrested for OWI on 1-10. The pink informed conset paperwork that is supposed to have the instructions for filing was printed with little ink as I cannot read it, The county has given me the run around with most telling me they have no idea what I should do. I get the feeling they dont want me to get the hearing, none the less, I NEED to file today and have been unsucessfull in my internet searches. Can I file for this administrative review hearing without representation?
Probably not, unfortunately. Odds are that you will not be able to figure this out on your own without a lawyer in time...
The Wisconsin DMV website states "You may not use an occupational license for recreational purposes." How is "recreational" defined? Obviously you are allowed to go to school, work, church, grocery shopping, etc. (If you check all the boxes), but I'm standing up in a wedding. Is going bridesmaid dress shopping allowed, or going to a salon to get your hair done for the wedding, going to buy my husband a suit, etc? It is a responsibility... Or is that recreational?
The items you list should be fine. Attending a wedding shower at a tavern would not.