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What happens at formal arraignment for 3rd DUI.
Currently out on ROR for my 3rd DUI charge. I had my preliminary hearing today and now I'm scheduled for a formal arraignment in 2 months. Will I go to jail at this court hearing?
At the arraignment, you will be advised of the charges against you and the rules of Criminal Procedure that apply. If...
I hit a telephone pole and came home over an hour later cops came to my house refuse blood test what can happen
I hit a telephone pole and I came home afterwards after parking my car kinda by there in a Walmart parking lot, a couple hours later police came to my house they kept asking to take a blood test, I had told them no, then I was taken to jail for old ones what has to go on for them to charge me with DUI, he he told me a couple times refusal to take the test means an automatic your license suspension I told him that was fine because I was not drinking at all, I had a DUI 15 years ago and a second one seven years ago what difference does that make
possibilities: 1. license suspension 2. criminal charges filed 3. hire Attorney asap1
Will my ARD be revoked if I test positive for alcohol/drugs during further drug/alcohol abuse evaluation?
I was arrested for an alcohol DUI a few months ago. I was accepted into the ARD program in Pennsylvania. I have followed all guidelines so far (fees, signing up for classes, CRN evaluation). After my initial CRN evaluation they decided to send me to be further evaluated by a third party drug and alcohol abuse center due to my BAC (0.164). While I made a terrible decision the night of my DUI, I have never felt as though I have a problem with alcohol. Upon arriving at the second evaluation, I was informed I would be tested for alcohol. I explained that I had continued having the occasional drink and the counselor informed me I was to be abstinent, which is the first time I'd heard it from anyone. My question is can my ARD be revoked if I test positive for alcohol/drugs on the initial evaluation? I shouldn't test positive for anything other than alcohol as I don't use, but I had taken cold medication so I'm curious, if it would cause a false read, what the consequences would be. This test was done two days before my actual ARD hearing and the results will be available in a few days. I'd like to be prepared for the worst.
The short answer is yes it may place your ARD probation in jeopardy. I suggest you speak to a local attorney ASAP. They...
Birchfield DUI question
I was recently charged with a 3rd tier DUI. The initial stop was for high beams. The arrest report mentions that I smelled of alcohol but doesn't mention swerving, slurred speech, blood shot eyes etc. I was in control. However, I did (stupidly!) mention that I might have had too many. I also can show a bar tab that shows an amount of beer that combined with my body weight, time elapsed, etc would put me under .08. I can produce a bank statement which shows that it was the only place that I was at that night. If the results of the blood test are thrown out they would have no choice but to charge me with general impairment? It's easy to prove that I drank that night which I would freely admit, but it seems to me that proving in front of a jury that I was over .08 that night might be difficult. Would I have a shot at challenging if the charge gets reduced? Thanks
"If" the charges get reduced to general impairment then you certainly have a good case. The issue is whether Birchfield...
Traffic stop...dui
I was recently pulled over while traveling home. I spoke politely with the officer and due to him smelling alcohol I was asked to step out. I did, immediately turning over my pocket knife to the lead officer. He put me through the field sobriety tests and breathalyzed me. I did ok on the tests but not well enough to avoid the breathalyzer.. I'm uncoordinated to begin with..and was found to have a BAC of well under the legal limit. The officer allowed me to return to my vehicle and moments later I was back on my way home. Will I receive a citation or summons later? The officer did not say any thing other than to please continue safely the remainder of my trip?
Time will tell, but it does not sound like you did anything wrong. I would be curious to know why the officer stopped...
How can a drug case be taken all the way to trial if the accused was never found to have drugs ?
on what grounds can a case make it all the way to trial based of what police think they know . I thought you needed to actually have drugs to carry out a drug conviction
There are a number of ways that a defendant can be convicted in a drug-trafficking case. There is no requirement that...
DUI- pulled over for high beams when they weren't on.
I was pulled over for "high beams" recently. Unfortunately I had been drinking. This officer knew who I was and knew my car. There are no witnesses and no dash cams. Would this stand a chance in front of a jury?
It is really a decision that you need to discuss with an attorney, preferably someone local to the county in which the...