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How will my underage DUI affect college, Careers, etc? And is a non-disclosure petition possible?
driving home from a friends, a police officer pulled me over and told me it was for my tint (which he didn't even check) When he came back from running my information he said he smelled marijuana and alcohol on my friend (17) and I (18). He asked if I drank at all today and I told him yes I had two whine coolers earlier in the evening (this is around 1am) since he said he smelled it I knew he would search my car and my friend left a bag of alcohol in water bottles. He breathalyzed me and I blew a .03. They arrested me and took a blood test (which I didn't refuse because I would automatically have my license suspended) and took me to the booking center and released me. I have never gotten in trouble or arrested before and there were no drugs found. I am an honor roll student and graduated high school in the top of my class and I'm going to Arizona State University to study psychology in a month with an academic scholarship of $28,000. what is the lowest outcome of this? I live PA
First off Hire an attorney experienced in criminal defense matters to help you. Second, take a deep breath. It is...
How do I appeal?
Should bicycling under the influence be punished as harshly as driving in consecutive DUI/DWI/drunk DRIVING. In no way is riding a bicycle called driving, requiring a driver's license. Etc.
There is no way that any attorney can provide you with a comprehensive answer to your question, "how do I appeal?" To...
Ignition Interlock Installed / Same day letter from Penndot suspension credit has not begun.
I got a DWI in New York State last November and received a letter from Penndot that my license would be suspended for a year. A few days before that letter my license had expired and I had applied for a renewal. After reading that my license was suspended I sent in the form that my license was expired. I did not think anything strange of the situation but a few months later just to be certain I called the Penndot customer care center and went through an automated process that ensured me that my license was suspended. Recently since a year has passed I went through all the necessary odds and ends to get my license restored including applying for the interlock license and having the interlock installed, but Penndot states that my suspension credit has not begun. What do I do?
You have asked this question twice.
I missed court in May for a preliminary first DUI hearing and now have a warrant. What should I do to lift the warrant?
The warrant was apparently set because I wasn't at my address to receive my subpoena . I have now started my college semester and am afraid to reschedule because of the fear of being arrested.
You need to hire an attorney to bring you in and get the bench warrant lifted.
Is it best for me to plead guilty and ask for possible disposition options for my underage drinking citation.
My friend got pulled over for a headlight being out. Upon the scene the officer smelt alcohol and breathalyzed us. That is when i got the citation for underage drinking. This is my first offense and I can not afford extra help due to college expenses. I am just wondering if the best option for me is to just plead guilty or to plead guilty and ask for ARD.
Many attorneys offer free consultations. Call one in your state and ask.
Will dui's parole violation and incarceration hurt my chances of 50/50 custody of my 5 yr. old
I had 3 dui's the third was 1 mo. short of 10 yrs. I spent 2 mos. incarcerated for a parole violation which I did not do but the court said I was guilty. I am currently on scram. My x will now not allow me to see my 5 yr old son but 1 day a week if I am lucky. What are my chances of getting 50/50 custody if I file for that type of custody. Before my issues we had a verbal 50/50 between us no legal agreement.
While your criminal past is relevant in a custody matter, it will probably not affect your chances at a reasonable...
Can someone live in a hotel while on house arrest?
I was arrested for my 2nd dui and am looking at 90 days in jail, but was advised I could do 30 days in and the rest on house arrest if I live in the county I was arrested in. Problem is I live right across the line in another county. I am unable to move as I own my house. Is it possible to stay in a hotel for the remaining time in order to get house arrest?
Your attorney would be the best person to ask this, but I would think probably not.