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Can I be charged for DUI refusal if I was unconscious?
I was involved in a motorcycle accident and received a head injury (acute subdural hematoma) and a broken shoulder. When I awoke the next day in the ICU I had a ticket for a DUI/Refusal and also there is a 'Refusal' noted where I was to sign the ticket. I was not arrested. Also on the ticket it states ''satisfactorily completed as compared to a sober person - yes'. I was not drinking but I am very confused as to why there is a DUI charge, a refusal charge (especially since I was unconscious), and then a statement that I completed as a sober person. (Completed what - I do not know.) The hospital definitely has my blood so I can tell them to use that to prove my innocence but do I need a lawyer for this or is this just something that should be dismissed as it seems to be issued in error.
It appears, through no fault of your own, you've fallen into a serious situation. I wish I could tell you that you...
Is dui felony in the state of Colorado
Hear that first dui was now felony what to know if it is true
A DUI is not a felony in Colorado until it becomes your fourth or subsequent offense. A first offense DUI can have...
I was recently arrested for a DUI and submitted to a breath test on the Intoxilyzer 9000.
I failed the breath test and my license was revoked after my CO DMV hearing. The caveat is that my lawyer and I found out that the breathalzyer machine's certification was signed with a stamp from a guy who hadn't been with the company in years. The judge in the county is going to rule in several weeks regarding hundreds of DUI cases and whether the breathalyzer results should be thrown out. My question is...if the machine wasn't legally certified and the signature on the certification was fraudulent, is there any way to appeal the DMV hearing decision?
If you have an attorney already, you really need to ask him/her. There are several highly-skilled attorneys fighting...
What is the best, easiest way to get into Canada with DUI on my record?
I am looking to start my career as a flight attendant and I found out that in order to get in to the country, I need proof of rehabilitation for my DUI. I cannot work as a flight attendant if I cannot get into Canada. Its upsetting. Thank you!
The "easiest and best" way can only be discovered (and acted upon) in the aftermath of a private consultation with a...
Can I get a Colorado I.D., not a driver's license, if I have a felony warrant in California?
I need to get a CO I.D. to go to work, but I have a felony drug warrant in CA. Will the CO dmv issue me one, or will they have me arrested and held for extradition?
It is very possible you will be detained. You should retain an attorney in California to get the warrant lifted...
How do I get ten day reinstatement due to dismissal ofcase when amajor error is causing havoc
Used illegally detain searched car towed, refused bloodtest, and case dismissed and the tenday reinstatement law is being turned a blind eye too because the Dmv said alcohol and it was a drug case, no alcohol involved
There is not enough information here. I suggest that you contact local attorneys (most give free consult.) That would...
How do I file an appeal on a felony dui conviction
Officer testified she never offered me a breath test...
Please try your question again in the "criminal defense" and "DUI" sections of this AVVO service