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How do I get a dui off my DMV record?
My local CHP decided that they were done looking in to my charges after two years. I got a letter in the mail not very long after that said the DA will not be pressing any charges as well.... so my question is why is DMV holding me up if I'm not being charged, I don't get it.
DMV can suspend your license through an administrative hearing process that is independent of the criminal case. The...
Can I get my dui off DMV if the DA drops my case?
I was arrested in September of 2015 in California. A year went by and all the da kept saying is they needed more info from CHP. I recently got a notification in the mail that said CHP is no longer looking at my case. I'm trying to pick up the pieces now, because I am a driver by profession. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.
Did the DMV suspend your license?
How do I know if I will be charged with a DUI?
I was in a car accident where I drove into a tree while intoxicated. I went straight to the hospital and wasnt arrested or anything. They tested my blood at the hospital but how do i know if i got a dui or not?
The DA will review the evidence and make a charging decision based on the police reports for the accident and the...
I am an international student in bay area..i got arrested in dui do i get deported
i actually got citizen arrest and cop did not pull over me and he have not seen me driving but took my breathe test and blood test but i don't know the alcohol percentage and spent 6 hrs in jail...
Unlikely you'll be deported. Hire a good DUI Attorney and defend the case well.
If someone passes a hair n urine drug test for 7 months would a nail test prove anything different in that time period
My kids mother has been in rehab fr 7 months n has tested with hair n urine in this time. She has a 2 week turn around where she left fr 2 weeks n was tested up to 3 times a week. Now they tested for a nail test which came back positive. Wouldnt that be inaccurate for the time she was in rehab since it goes back further? They said her hair test was negative but they felt it was inaccurate since she dyed her hair once
This is not a legal question. This is a question for a doctor or a toxicologist.
If I blew a .10 Breathalyzer test will I loose my license
They pulled me over thinking I was involved in a hit and run and later found the person that was involved in the hit and run . but they treated me as though I was guilty and cuffed me in front of my wife and children in my front yard
Yes, you will probably lose your license. You will also likely eat a DUI in court unless your attorney comes across a...
What should i do or bring for first court date on my first offence ever.
Dui wrecked my car only one involved
DO: - Request a DMV Hearing within 10 days from arrest. - Consult with 2-3 attorneys - Hire 1 of those attorneys....