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If I was arrested for pc 647(f) drunk in public and never was read my Miranda rights was my rights violated
And I was arrested at my apartment complex
Failure to advise you of your Miranda rights is not a "get out of jail free" card. It only means cops can't use any...
Is there a difference between getting hit by a drunk driver or one that was impaired with prescription drugs
A person hit us and she was all mess up now Thay say she was on meds is still accountable For the accident?
A driver impaired does not meet the requirements, whether by drugs or alcohol
We were at a red light and a drunk driver ran Right in to us
me and the driver have neck n back pain
Go to a hospital/doctor. Contact local and qualified counsel. Feel better
Regarding DUI Expungement
I was arrested for DUI in October of 2011 in Placentia and convicted in August of 2012. Since the time of my arrest I have not broken any laws or been involved in any criminal activity. Additionally, I have not violated any of my summary probation terms (which I was placed on for three years) and have completed all court-related tasks (e.g. MADD panel, DUI courses, fees, etc.). What is the likelihood of obtaining early summary probation release and then expungement? I'm an EMT and looking to move forward with my career and would rather show an expunged DUI on my record than a current one. In advance, thank you for your input.
You are not likely to get early termination in a DUI case, basically because it's against public policy. You can...
I got a DUI over a year ago and served my time in jail. However I started but still haven't finished the 3 months of DUI classes
Now I have a warrant for not finishing the courses. (it's a pv) What can I do to not face more jail time and get reinstated? If I set up a court date will they still take me in, or how can I set it up to see the judge and get sentenced the same day. Thanks
You have a few options, to try and avoid being taken to jail and getting the bench warrant recalled, you can hire an...
I never received the DS-367 form at the time of my DUI and was only cited for SECTION 23152 (a). Do I still contact the DMV?
The officer had crossed out VEHICLE CODE SECTION 23152 (b) off of the citation and never took me to be booked but allowed me to be picked up from the station.
It sounds as if your case does not involve alcohol, which is all the DMV cares about in terms of the DMV hearing. While...
My husband got a dui and got in to a single car accident, just his car. The da subponea me to testify against him, i wont do it.
i wasnt present at the time of the incident, can i refuse?
There is a marital privilege regarding testifying against your husband. When you take the stand, his attorney should...