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I do not drive anymore what are the penalties for not doing my DUI class. I heard it's a four month suspension if you don't comp
Got a 18 month program DUI class I do not drive anymore what are the penalties for not doing my DUI class. I heard it's a four month suspension if you don't complete
Violation of probation and permanent loss of driving privilege in CA. If you really don't want to do the DUI school my...
Second dui yrs apart already did jail time and paid off fines need to know what to do next
sold car to pay fines now need car and license how do that ? /
Did you already enter your plea to a plea bargain? If so, talk to your attorney so you know the exact amount of the...
My husband has full Cousdy till August. His e. Wife has 5 DUIs and one Pryor DUI with a death of a child and one with. Gbi
Worried dad
So what's the question? It sounds like a family law question.
Can police charge u with a dui if u weren't any where near a vehicle?
I was charged with being under the influence of a controlled substance which I recently beat but I recently applied for a job that ran a background check on me and to my surprise it stated I was charged with a dui. Thats funny cause I was nowhere near a vehicle. I was in public but not in or around a vehicle. I obviously didn't get the job as a driver helper because of this. Is this legal? If not what can I do?
It is probably a clerical error an you are right in waning to get it corrected. Talk to the law enforcement agency...
How long before I can get my license back if I choose not to get the Interlock or the restricted license?
Received a DUI in Tulare county. DMV requires a Interlock device. But even after having 3 cars in my name because of family issues I now have no access to either one so I do not need a restricted license. So I see no use in getting the interlock device.
If you have no access to a car, then you wouldn't even be able to get an interlock if you wanted to. Right?
How much time for possible 2nd dui or first in 10 years?
I got a second dui or maybe a first in 10 years. I blew a .16. I just completed a medical coding certificate and just obtained a job at an insurance company. What kind of time would I be looking at in CA? Is it common to get a monitor program?
The maximum sentence for a second DUI is one year county jail, but that's highly unlikely. Every county has different...
How can I get the charged expunged? Will the DUI charge still appear on my criminal record?
I want to become an EMT of course the job entails driving however, I was originally arrested and charged with a DUI on the 28th of December, 2014, but after finding legal help I was later convicted of the wet & reckless.
California does not have a true "expungement" statute. What we do have is a dismissal under Penal Code 1203.4. If...