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When my lawyer CLAIMS he is expunding a dui., HOW LONG is normal before I hear anything?
How does this process go? How do I know when its expunged? is there proof?
It seems that you distrust your lawyer. I don't understand that. Please call your attorney's office on Monday and ask...
How do I get a job after DUI? Will anyone hire me?
I am in ARD, never before had any issues in terms of trouble. Is there any help for people who did not have a job before the DUI and then had a DUI. I want to work desperately...Will anyone hire me? My background is clerical.
Many people shy away from hiring those that have a conviction record of abusing alcohol and putting others like kids...
What would happen to defendent and car in this case?
DUI Level 3. When there is a hearing for ARD or if its revoked and someone has this in a remote county and has to drive to the hearing, having no other transportation or public transportation. Do is the vehicle impounded and the person put in jail on top of the DUI? What are options if any in a case like this?
If your license is revoked or suspended and there's no public transit option, someone has to drive -- but not you.
Dui..Community Service/Driving Lic Susp
IF that were to happen and I reside in one part of the state and conviction were to be in another part of the state. Would they allow me to drive my vehicle home and then begin the suspension along with community service?
The suspension starts only when PennDOT receives your license and ends only when you receive the license back. As a...
Wyoming County PA 1 75 § 3802 §§ A1* I have an AZ DL and the officer charged me with refusal. Is my PA privilege revoked?
Wyoming County PA 1 75 § 3802 §§ A1* I have an AZ DL and the officer charged me with refusal. Is my PA privilege revoked? My lawyer seems to think I'll be eligible for ARD and that the suspension will be 60 days for a refusal however, simple research seems to indicate that PennDot has likely already suspended my DL for 12 months. It has been two months since the incident and I haven't received any information from PennDot.
PennDOT is required to mail a notice of suspension for the suspensiy9on for the refusal. That notice will likeky be...
Hi my fiance just got arrested for driving under dui suspension what are options in pa without doing 90 days jail time
dui is couple years old . bike was taken and he was placed in jail or a bench warrent for something old that he thought was already suppose to been handled
It appears that there are a number of issues that must be dealt with. He needs to contact an attorney. Sharing more...
PA Parolee arrested in NJ being charged with DWI awaiting court. Will his po find out? or will NJ find out before his court date
A friend of mine is on parole in PA for 2 duis & he had also been charged with possession of a small amount of marijuanna. he has already been in jail and is on parole. he got hit with violation of his parole for smoking weed and was incarcarated. he got 30 but had to go to rehab. rehab turned him away. now it's 3 mos later and he possesses a valid license in another state, but got pulled over in nj and refused to breathalizer and is awaiting court for a dwi charge. will his po find out? will nj find out about his past charges without his social and actual address? if so what's going to happen? he needs rehab and has been fighting for it.
His PO will probably not find out about the NJ DUI until and unless there is a conviction. DUI and refusal charges in...