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When my lawyer CLAIMS he is expunding a dui., HOW LONG is normal before I hear anything?
How does this process go? How do I know when its expunged? is there proof?
It seems that you distrust your lawyer. I don't understand that. Please call your attorney's office on Monday and ask...
How do I get a job after DUI? Will anyone hire me?
I am in ARD, never before had any issues in terms of trouble. Is there any help for people who did not have a job before the DUI and then had a DUI. I want to work desperately...Will anyone hire me? My background is clerical.
Many people shy away from hiring those that have a conviction record of abusing alcohol and putting others like kids...
Wyoming County PA 1 75 § 3802 §§ A1* I have an AZ DL and the officer charged me with refusal. Is my PA privilege revoked?
Wyoming County PA 1 75 § 3802 §§ A1* I have an AZ DL and the officer charged me with refusal. Is my PA privilege revoked? My lawyer seems to think I'll be eligible for ARD and that the suspension will be 60 days for a refusal however, simple research seems to indicate that PennDot has likely already suspended my DL for 12 months. It has been two months since the incident and I haven't received any information from PennDot.
PennDOT is required to mail a notice of suspension for the suspensiy9on for the refusal. That notice will likeky be...
Hit by a drunk driver
I was rear ended by a drunk driver with my 1 year old and 2 14 yr olds in the car. The driver did not attempt to put on his brakes. We were hit pretty hard. He also fled the scene. However, due to the damage to his vehicle, he only made it 1/2 mile down the road. The PA state police showed up and took the driver into custody. It is now 5 months later and no charges have been filed. This has had a major impact on our lives in several different ways. I cannot seek compensation unless he is found guilty. I am concerned that the driver will not get charged. It irks me that he fled the scene and had no regard to the people in my vehicle or any injuries they may have had. His concern was getting away and it appears that he has accomplished that. Where is the justice for me and my family? I make several calls to the state police who assure me charges will be filed but can't tell me when. Is there anyway or could an attorney push those charges to be filed? My family and I want to move on.
Sorry for what you and your family have had to endure. One point of clarification, he does not need to be found guilty...
Is it illegal for my college to record me taking a take home test?
My college is requiring that we be recorded while taking a take home test. The entire class is uncomfortable with this and has requested to take the test in class proctored. I'm just wondering if there are an legal ramifications to this as we all are not consenting and don't believe we've signed anything stating that we have consented.
I'm curious, at the risk of making you and the entire class "uncomfortable"; at the college level, how could you...
What happens during a DUI refusal arrest?
Hi, I had a very unusual arrest happen so I am trying to find out what usually happens during a PA chemical test refusal arrest. Does the Wilkes-Barre police department record anything on their vehicle or during the "arrest" at the station? Do they typically search your car? Mine wasn't searched. Thanks in advance.
You are now facing a one year driver suspension because of the refusal
If you weren't sent for blood work can you get charged with a DWI?
I was pulled over due to the cop saying he smelled marijuana. Officer searched the vehicle & found half of a joint on my passenger. Officer told me I was impaired & had to have someone pick up the vehicle. Officer told me I will not be charged with a DWI but I will receive charges he wouldn't tell me for what when I asked. I was not sent for blood work. I received charged for possession & paraphernalia for marijuana but did not have any marijuana or paraphernalia. Can I be charged with that without having anything in my possession? Can he bring me up on a DWI after I goto the preliminary hearing & plead to the charges sent to me?
The short answers are yes. Now that you have received the charges, hire an experienced criminal defense attorney and...