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Dui in Pennsylvania with a prior Ovi in Ohio
Sept. 13th 2014 I was arrested for a 1st offense dui in Ohio. Bac of .168 My conviction was settle Jan. 26, 2015.. recently got ran off the road by another driver and police did breathlyser and blood work and found my bac was .142.. will I get convicted of a 1st or 2nd offense in pa since ohio is not a commonwealth and Pennsylvania is a commonwealth state?
State or Commonwealth makes no difference. Get a lawyer now. There are other technicalities that you may use to beat...
PA DUI Brackets and Blood Test
I was Arrested for DUI the other night in Cumberland County, I blew .113 they performed a blood test 30min later at booking center will i be notified of the results?, do you think they will be lower then the Breathalyzer I was Hoping to do ARD and fall in the general impairment range of .08-.099 rather via my blood test results being lower or by the good graces of the DA if the blood comes back over .099 what do you feel the chances of this happening are?
You likely can get the results at your first court date .
On ARD for DUI, i got a 2nd DUI 2 days b/4 ARD finalization hearing. I have a plethora of concerns, but im telephobic.
I am on a ARD for a DUI, due to prescription meds. I did all requirements for it & just have fines left. I had my hearing for the 2nd 1, & the P.D. representing me @ this hearing & the judge suggested w/ my details I offered, I take it to trial. Now Im in a panic & confused I may do jail time b/c I felt pushed in the start & unheard. Like I was being judged as guilty b/c of my 1st offence & 2nd being close together. I feel that my original P.d. is not enthusiastic to do a discovery. Ive had ?s that my therapist @ SPHS needed answers for & he didn't seem to want bothered. he wouldn't connect w/ the prelim. judge to ask for them. Im trying to get all my med. lists, & script for my cane. plus doing videos of routes I take often.
I'm sympathetic with the difficulties you struggle with daily, and I'm sure your involvement with the criminal system...
Do I need a lawyer for my first offense dui
I was driving while under the influence and I hit three parked cars after losing control of my car
Contact a local qualified criminal defense attorney to review your case, your options and possible defenses. Many of us...
DUI / ARD and getting License back. Lehigh County.
I am currently on and have been for some time on ARD for a first time DUI in Lehigh County, PA. I also am on Bucks County probation mainly for a hefty restitution remaining at 46k. I've been enrolled in college since the DUI and have been supported by my wife as I couldn't drive. My problem is my wife has been planning to divorce me for some time and now has moved me out of the house. I need to get to work to make any kind of money, yet I can't get my license back until I pay lehigh a bunch of money, and then I worry cause I can't pay my restitution in Bucks. They have me in a pincer here, a literal vice. How am I to pay anybody anything if I can't at least get to work. Is there anything a lawyer can do to help this? I don't know what to do?
Yes, you're in a hard place. Don't believe much can be done for you but you can hire a local DUI lawyer for a...
Can I become a paralegal with a DUI and a paraphernalia charge?
I got a DUI about 6 years ago, and the paraphernalia charge about 2 years ago. I will be off probation next month and I want to go to school and become a paralegal, but I don't want to waste my time if there is no chance I would get hired. Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Your convictions probably will not prevent you from becoming a paralegal, but they could cause some difficulty when...
Is it possible to get my DUI case dismissed or thrown out with a BAC level of exactly .08?
I am being charged with a DUI after being arrested and breathalyzed at exactly .08. I remember the events of the night in vivid detail and dont feel i was incapable of driving. I was pulled over a half mile away from home for not staying entirely in my lane. Although that was true, i was driving through an "s" turn and knowingly placed my left tires on the double yellow line to cut the corner by the slightest bit because there was no one in the oncoming lane (it was after 2:30 am) and therefore no one at risk by doing that. Its not as if I was veering back and forth uncontrollably. Apparently I failed the 3 tests though, was breathalyzed and arrested. I feel I most likely need a lawyer but am really looking for a very reasonable price for the representation.
When you say breathalyzed, I am assuming you mean on the side of the road. If you are referring to the breathalyzer at...