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Got pulled over due to high beams on. Police officer turned around and followed me. As I came off the bridge he said that I touched the yellow line. I was looking for a radio station and I was also on a 2011 flood road that has not been fixed. Officer came to the car and smelled alcohol, yes I had 3 individuals in the car that had been drinking. Got a DUI. Does not have a BAC on record although during questioning I was placed on tape and had a panic attack and cried profusely on tape. An attorney said that it looked as if I was drunk crying. I wasn't I was having a panic attack. The officer did not ask if I needed any medical assistant left me sit there and basically hyperventilating and crying profusely. I was thinking of my children, what to become of the future. Scared of being there.
While a good deal is unclear from you wrote it appears you may have some valid defenses. You should not say anything...
Please advise if there is a statue Of limitations on a dui
I was arrested 9/9/2014 for a dui. However I was in my vehicle with an open container however the truck broke down and I was sleep in the vehicle because it was not operational. The police had to physically push the truck to my auto repair man shop which I was parked across from. The police never witness me driving nor did anyone report I was driving just that I was sleep in the car. I was fleeing from a domestic alterations and the drunk broke down. The police admitted to forgetting to file chargers and file over a year later. What can I do? ???
Get an attorney. Fight the case. Statute of limitations on a DUI is two years. They do have a time limit on filing...
I got pulled over and charged with dui metadone and dui xanax and reckleless driving times 6 i have bin clean 15 years methedon
the guy that called that followed me to where the cop was waiting lied. he blow his horn at me at a blincking red and yellow and callrd police my 109 year old was in the back pleas help
I am not sure what your question is. If you are asking if you can be charged with DUI for a prescription drug, the...
Haven't gotten anything in the mail about my DUI yet?
I got pulled over for a DUI over a month ago. It showed in the local police reports in the newspaper, but I have not gotten anything in the mail for it yet. The officer told me to expect it within a week. However, it did not show in the police reports for a while after. When can I expect it in the mail?
It varies sometimes it can be a week, month, couple months, sometimes Imina come at all. Just have to be patient and...
My DUI was due do a refusal in Mont.Co PA. No Needles!! Does ARD drug test because of refusals?all pprwrk say no treatment nded
Am deathly scared off needles that's why I refused and was also waiting for a breathalyser which never happened..I was designated driver the alcohol they smelled was from my friend, he was beyond messed up. I was eating chicken swerved a little over the line and got pulled over. Admitted to drinking a beer a few hrs before, did a FST and was told to walk a straight line on the crack of a sidewalk. II barely stepped out of line twice which wasnt really a reason to fail me many other family and family friend wjo are officers said. Also was asked to count 1-9..i counted 1-10. I have insomnia didnt sleep 2.5 nights before this happened. I was not intoxicated and it takes about an hour for one beer to be almost out of your system def. Under legal limjy. But apparently failed and booked.
I guess I am missing the question in all of this. If its a first time offense, no priors, you are most likely ARD...
I have been charged with a first offense dui and will lose my license for 1 year.
I had a prior dui 13 years ago. Will I be eligible for an OLL from Penndot after 60 days of hard suspension.
You need to discuss the details of these cases as well as any other pertinent information with an attorney as the facts...
ARD Program & background checks?
I was recently admitted into the Montgomery County ARD program following a DUI case. I have been making my payments and have been following all of the terms and conditions of the program. I am currently in my senior year of college and am looking for internships opportunities. My question is will ARD show up on background checks while I am in the program? Also, since ARD is not an admission of guilt or conviction, can employers use this against me? Please advise.
The offense will show up as an open charge until you complete the program. ARD programs are different county from...