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Child custody and marijuana dui
I am in the process of getting paternity established. But I have found myself in a bind I have two DUIs for marijuana and a paraphernalia charge. I am a great father to my two sons now and I have a ton of people to attest to that. But will my charges hinder me from getting any custody or visitation? Thank you in advance.
Your prior record is certainly relevant in a custody situation. If the convictions are in the recent past, they are...
Can Judge change my husbands DUI from 1st offense to 4th offense
My husband was pulled over last week and when I reviewed his charges on the Court Case Information online, I see he was charged with DUI (1st Offense) and 5 others...Well technically this is his 4th offense. He was found guilty on all previous DUI (3 of them in the past 10-15 years).My question is Can the judge/pa legally change his DUI charge from 1st to 4th Offense
First you want to make sure your husband talks with and hires a qualified DUI attorney in this County. Many times when...
Can i be charged with DUI if i was sober?
I wrecked my truck while driving on a wet road, i was completely sober and truthful to the police.There was a slight odor of marijuana in my truck from smoking the day before and the cop claimed that it reeked as if i was just smoking or there was "a pound of weed in the truck".There was no marijuana in the truck and it was only a slight odor that others at the scene said they couldn't smell.I requested field sobriety test but the officer refused to give me one and offered me to take a dui or blood test so i went tor the test. on the way to the hospital the officer said they would check my HTC levels, yes he said HTC,and also told me that even if i wasnt high i would still most likely be charged with DUI anyway.He texted and drove the whole way there as well.What should i do?Im a minor.
Hire a lawyer. If you smoked weed the day prior you probably still had metabolites in your system. They can be...
Gun ownership revoked for DUI
I was convicted of DUI in 2009 (I was 19 at the time). The highest charge I had was 1st degree misdemeanor. It was accident involving personal injury or death (I was the only person injured and went to the hospital). I had fulfilled all of my legal obligations afterward (18 days served in county, fines paid, rehab etc.) Last year I had tried to purchase a firearm and was declined due to my record. Is there some sort of waiting period after coviction to purchase a firearm or is legal counsel required?
Federal law prohibits a person with a conviction punishable by more than one year in jail, amongst other things, from...
Can a police officer leave his home state and go to a hospital in a neighboring state to get blood for a dui?
involved in a crash, taken to a hospital out of state by ambulance. police officer from PA came to the hospital in the neighboring state and did a legal blood draw. can a police officer go into another state and obtain your blood for a dui?
In South Carolina, the State would seek the assistance of the neighboring State's DA to obtain a search warrant for...
Can an expunged underage be removed from my driver's record?
I received an Underage Drinking charge my senior year of high school, and before I turned 21 I completed the process of having it expunged (my license was suspended 90 days and I took a class). All seemed well. Now upon reviewing my driver's record, the violation is still there. Why was it not removed once the expungement was completed, and is it it possible to have it removed now?
It appears to me that you are talking about two entirely different matters, a criminal record, and a driving record....
I received a 0.2 BAC DUI in VA but will have a PA license before trial. Will PA also suspend my license if VA finds me guilty?
My trial for the DUI charge will likely be in February, but I move to Philadelphia in January. Virginia DUI laws are some of the strictest, likely guaranteeing 5 days jail and 1 year license suspension. I'm curious if they will forward the charge and I will also face trial and/or similar charges in PA.
Criminal charges are tried in the county and state where the criminal offense is alleged to have occurred.