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Do I have a DUI?
I am 19 years old. I did not completely stop at a stop sign and got pulled over. I took the sobriety tests and blew into the breathalyzer, then was taken to the station where I took another more detailed breathalyzer, I blew a .059. Then I was released where my parents took me home. I recently just got a citation today which charged me with an Underage and does not say anything about driving. Will I receive a second citation for driving or did the officer only charge me with an underage?
Hows about you take the citation into a lawyers office - a real-world lawyer's office - and let them look at the...
What's the average cost of an attorney for a DUI case.
Whats the average cost of an attorney for a DUI case? The case will involve suppression of the blood draw.
Good question. It differs from state to state and from area to area. It's also uncommon for attorneys to reveal their...
Will the prosecutor verify my insurance for a DUI?
I had proof of insurance at the time of my arrest for a DUI involving an accident with no injuries. However I found out afterward my husband had not paid and the insurance had lapsed. Will they find this out and can they then charge me for that?
The MVD will find out generally the court will not.
I feel I'm in a double jeopardy situation from a DUI, explanation underneath, please help.
I had recently moved to Pennsylvania in the fall and still had an IL license when I received a DUI. It was my first conviction for DUI but I had an arrest for DUI in IL before. PA said my driving would be suspended for a year, I had fines, rehab, prison, you name it I did it all in PA. Now IL is saying my license is revoked which as you know is much worse than a suspension. How can I have to pay for this crime in IL now when it happened in PA and I live in PA? I'm disgusted and at my wits end over this. Please help
First, its not double jeopardy. That means you cant be tried or punished for the same offense twice. Just so you know,...
What to expect after a DUI stop
I was pulled over but the cop didn't tell me why. He asked if I had been drinking and then did FST and a breathalyzer. He then handcuffed me and took me for a blood test. Afterwards I was driven home. What happens next?
You will likely get a packet of paperwork in approximately 2 to 4 weeks from the court along with the summons to appear...
Does the hospital need a consent form signed to take my blood for DUI?
Can I sue the hospital for forcebly taking my blood? No warrant or release. I feel violated. Medical records tried to tell me they don't need permission.
Not always. Did the police have a warrant? The relatively recent U.S. Supreme Court case of McNeely v. Missouri has...
How do I find out the date of the blood draw in a DUI case?
I was pulled over twice within a week. I was in the hospital the day of the first time and was given a narcotic. I was pulled over that night and consented to blood draw. I know it was in my system. Then a week later I was in an accident, no consent was given and no warrent, cop ordered nurse to take my blood. Results came back and I believe the police used my blood from the date I was pulled over before because I had not taken meds the day of accident that showed in my system. How do I find the date of blood draw? Who do I call? I wasn't charged with anything for first time I was pulled over. Why. Things don't add up and my attorney don't believe me.
In most counties you will get a chance to review your lab at the preliminary hearing. It will have the date of the...