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PV hearing May1 in Contra Costa County, CA for non completion of DUI prog and owe 1800 in fines What's going to happen to me?
Plead no contest to 1st and only DUI charge in May 2012 due to solo injury (myself) auto accident in April 2009. I was arrested with guns drawn in 2011 at a grocery store parking lot by 4+ sheriff cars and taken to Martinez on a 30,000 warrant that I didn't know existed as I was unaware of DUI charge in the first place. I was air lifted to John Muir from scene of accident and released 4 days later in a halo.My brakes failed and rear ended a semi truck. Never considered the possibility of DUI charge as alcohol wasn't a factor (in my mind) and I've no criminal history or behaviors that would of made me suspect. The 11/2 year prosecutorial delay, incorrect address info, improper legal rep, revocation of CDL and my disabilities have caused significant delays to this case.
They can jail you up to 6 months on a first DUI probation violation.
I'm trying to get my record expunged in a just got a dui..this is my second one, the first one was in 2008.
Can this stop me from expunging my record?
You will not be able to get an expungement while the DUI is pending and it will make it more difficult afterwards....
Unfair conviction for 1st DUI. Can not consume alcohol or go to any place having alcohol for 3yr and 6 month license suspension.
Arrested with BAC.22 pulled over for tail light out. My license has been suspended for 6 months. The DMV order of suspension states that my license will not be reinstated before 2/18/2015 and until I show proof of financial responsibility and completion of DUI school. So I can't even get a restricted license for 6 months. Not to mention the standard/huge fines and jail/work time. I was told that my attorney did nothing to defend me and that I should report him to the Bar. I called my attorney and he said he would go back to court and informally ask for jail/work time possibly ten days in lieu of the 3 yr alcohol abstinence lifted. Is this normal for a 1st offence and can I get my license back before the 6 months? I know I mad a mistake and what I did was wrong, Help!!!!
Something is off. First, a first time conviction for an adult comes with restricted license eligibility if it's not...
Dui drinking and marijuana
arrested for dui drinking. originally pulled over for expired tags. the officer asked if i had anything to drink i told him i had 2 jack and cokes. i weigh around 150 lbs 5'3''. did the field sobrierty test and breathalyzer twice. first time they questioned the first breath reading even tho my fied tests passed greatly. had me breath deep and blow without changing the tip of the breathalyzer. did not tell me what i was at just said slightly above.08. i have a court date. now lets just be honest. i smoke weed once in a great while. will they also drug test me? also, they asked me if i had anything to eat, i did, and had stopped drinking about 2 hours before driving home. but they also didnt ask me when i had stopped drinking.
You really just need to obtain a top DUI lawyer to help you. You may be able to defend this case. They will probably...
If the police took my ID instead of my license and the DMV mailed it back 5 days later?
The police took my ID, even though my license was well hidden in my wallet. Now five days later it got here in the mail without any other notices. Other than that I got charged with 23152 a vc even though I am under 21, but my court date is the day after my birthday. So did the dmv drop my case? What charges could await me?
Nothing is ever that simple. You should consult with an attorney to discuss further. If you want to find one here on...
Can I serve my sentence in another state if I have to move for Financial hardship reasons?
I face charges of DUI with enhancements, I know what the sentence will likely be and I've already done the first 3 months of dui classes to get a restricted license. I'm a part time traveling service rep and without my license I lose my job. I have had to stop paying certain bills to pay for the dui classes and I can't afford more classes plus the court fines and fees. I'm from Wi so I have no family or friends out here to help me. Everyone I know is in financial hardship too. I was told that I could move in with a friend back home and an employment company said I could come in to interview to get full time employment.
You don't mention what sentence will be imposed -- are you looking at a few days of custody or a few months of custody?...
My father's legally parked car was hit by a drunk driver. The driver then tried to leave the scene and hit/went through a fence.
My father has liability only coverage and the other driver has a $5k property damage limit to her insurance. We have to share the $5k with the other party involved. They will be made whole due to their property insurance. We only get a small portion of what we think the car is worth. What recourse do we have? Is there something we can do or are we SOL?
You will only be paid a pro rata share of your damages, as the policy limits have to be shared equally by all claimants....