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Can I get a liquid license in ny with a prior dui
Looking to buy a liquor store
I do not think it is a disqualification, but it does have to be explained and will need to be assumed about the...
How long does New York State court have to produce blood work on a DUI charge?
my son(18) was pulled over for too dark window tint on 7/12/13, the officer then accused him of being high & took him to ER for blood work-he has been to court 2x & has to go again in NOV because court does not have his blood test results back yet. He bought the car from a large dealership with the windows the way they are, if the windows are legal can the DUI charge be thrown out? Also the court has yet to produce his blood test results & it has been almost 3 months-do they have a time limit on when they have to produce them? They do not have them, how can we be sure they are accurate when the courts don't even know where they are?
Speak to his attorney. They have as much time as his attorney will allow. Joseph A. Lo Piccolo, Esq. Past President,...
Can my probation officer extend my term of probation?
I am finished with probation as of tomorrow having completed all required tasks however my probation department has not verified my community service can they extend my probation any further? Its out of PA if that helps
You really need to consult with a Penn. attorney. You might also try calling a PA. law school. They may have a criminal...
My daughter was served at a bar she is underage She wrecked my car and had injuries can I sue for medical bills
My daughter went to a bar..Got drunk..DRove my car away and ended up wrecking the car and had a few injuries? The bar never ID her and has served her many times before. Can I sue the bar that was serving her?
Your primary source of insurance to cover your daughter's medical bills in the no-fault insurance under your automobile...
I I got a DWI in 1995 a driving while impaired and Richmond Virginia in 1998 aggravated DWI in 2006 does this fall in the 25-ye?
I have a class A CDL I have to get back to work do I have to wait that five year mark
If you have 3 or more alcohol related convictions (the NYS DMV refusal hearing also counts as a separate conviction),...
I had 3 DWI's in 5yrs. The last conviction date was 9/25/2012. The new DMV revocation policy went into place just 3 days later,?
I had 3 DWI's in 5yrs. The last conviction date was 9/25/2012. The new DMV revocation policy went into place just 3 days later, 9/28/2012. I am on parole until 11/2017. I received a letter from the DMV that my license was revoked for life. I heard you can apply for a hardship license after 5yrs from the last conviction? Is that true and how would I go about that? I am willing to retain a lawyer for help with this.
I suggest reading the information at: https://dmv.ny.gov/tickets/penalties-multiple-offenders
What happens if my wife got dui charge and was never breathalyzer or blood tested in Connecticut and she has ny license
My wife got dui he asked her to follow redline then cuffed her and arrested her without further testing anywhere and never read her her rights
You need ro speak to a Connecticut licensed attorney. She will have to answer the charge in CT.