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If someone is intoxicated and arrested while allegedly trying to steal a bottle of booze but no property was lost or damaged...
Should they still be legally obligated to pay 5x the items value. This person has no prior criminal record. Handcuffs were used and no identification was shown by the plainclothes security while they were taken into custody.
Voluntary intoxication is probably not going to be a valid defense to shoplifting. However, if the store has sent you a...
If I had a dui in 1988 & got another one last month, what can I expect as a penalty and how should I plead?
I had a dui in 1988 and just received another one in july, my court date is coming up and wanted to know if my last dui will show up on record since it was so long ago. Im not sure what to expect as a penalty or if I should plead something in particular.
What you can expect depends on various factors including court location, any other priors, the attorney you hire, etc....
Do I need a lawyer for a drunk in public?
I was arrested this past weekend for a drunk in public when I was out of town visiting. The police became involved because my friend I was with kicked over a fence and was seen doing so with me with him. My friend did admit that he did it and I had nothing to do with it, but I was still taken in for drunk in public. I also have a 4+ year old dui on my record which is what raises my concern level.
If i were you, i'd leave this matter into the hands of a professional that knows the prosecutors in the court and can...
I violated informal probation and am wondering what may happen in court.
I got a dui and served all the jail time. I was put on informal probation for three years and recently got a drunk in public. They let me out the next day but now I have a court date.
If you're found in violation of probation, the judge could sentence you to anything up to the maximum for your offense....
Do I need to physically submit my DUI school completion certificate to the court?
I was convicted of a misdemeanor DUI in California almost three years ago and have completed my work alternative program, paid off all my fines and I immediately enrolled and completed my mandatory DUI classes after conviction. My question is, do I need to physically go into the court or mail them my DUI class completion certificate before my 36 month probation period is up, or is it done automatically by the school? My attorney at the time only said I had to enroll and complete the course before my probation period ended, but didn't say anything about turning in the certificate afterwords, but read on other sites that it is required. I know for a fact the school sent the DMV my enrollment and completion automatically, because I was able to get my restricted license after enrolling and my restrictions taken off after I completed the classes. Also, if my conviction court date was June 2, 2014, does that mean my probation ends on June 2, 2017? Thanks in advance!
Yes, you do. If you fail to do so, it will be a violation of your terms of probation.
First time DUI in SLO county. Can punishment include not being allowed to leave the state?
Hi, My girlfriend has be arrested for a DUI. It's her first time and there wasn't any accident. After a long distance relationship, we were finally planning that she'd move to Switzerland in a few months with her daughters. We heard with astonishment that someone got sentenced with two years without leaving the state. Another factor, although less consequential, would be the length of mandatory classes. Thank you.
If this handleld properly she may be ble to leave and satisfy any court requirements. She needs a good experienced...
Can I get felony DUI s dropped to misdemeanors, only reason they are felonies is because they were my fourth and fifth ones
I'm just trying to clean up the wreckage of my past.
Maybe. You would need a well written motion to reduce. Retain counsel.