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Can Tennessee make me pay SR-22 insurance eventhough I'm not ,nor ever been a resident of that state and my state does not?
In 2007 i got a ticket in the state of Tennessee for driving while license suspended. I paid the fines and began the process of reinstating my license in the state i reside in, which is Alabama. Now i have never lived in Tennessee and never held a license in that state. I have met all the requirements in the state of Alabama to reinstate my drivers license and I was informed that I was not required by Alabama to have SR-22 insuranse, but Tennesse is requiring me to now pay a reinstatement fee of $123.00 and get a non resident SR-22, would someone please tell me how this is legal for them to require me to do this. I will already be rquired to have insurance on my vehicle in Alabama, why should i have to not only pay another fee and get insurance in a state i don't even live?
When you violate the laws of another state you subjectvyourselfvto their rules. if you dont want to drive in TN, and if...
Is it considered "rape" in Alabama when one party is heavily intoxicated and cannot consent to sexual intercourse?
A friend of mine was raped in Alabama. She was under the influence of alcohol and marijuana. She had an approximate BAC of .2-.3 during the time of the sex act. She reports blacking out intermittently during the assault. Her attacker/rapist admits to having sex with her but stated that she had consented to sex. He also admitted to giving/allowing her to have more alcohol during before the time of the assault. Due to cognition and memory loss my friend did not immediately report the incident. She ended up having a child with her rapist however. It should also be noted that the women who was raped is also a lesbian and is married to another woman.
It is considered rape in every state when sex occurs with no consent. The question comes down to proof as to whether he...
Why would they make me go to DUI school for AL & GA why will I have to pay 2 separate reinstate fees?
I live in AL got DUI in GA how can they make me take 2 separate dui courses & make me pay 2 separate reinstatement fees? I'm looking at 12 months suspension in GA but they said AL will have a suspension as well I don't understand I only have one license in AL how can they treat it like 2 offenses?
The following Code of Alabama section's may address the "how and why" of your Driver's Licenses suspension issues. ยง...
How do I get my license back after dui?
I plead to a dui in tenn. Part of my sentence included loss of my tennessee license for one year. I m now a resident of alabama. Once my fines and court conditions are met, how do I go about getting an alabama license after my suspension period is up? Will i have to reinstate my tennesee license first? Will I have to file sr22 with tenn or get an interlock system? This was my first offense and I submitted to blood test but was never provided the results since I plead to the charge. There was no one injured but i did wreck my vehicle.
The clerk of the court in the county where the DWI conviction was entered sent a notice of conviction to the Tennessee...
What if my business partner gets a DUI or hurts someone while intoxicated?
My business partner has turned into a severe binge drinker at least once a week. Drinks after hours at office until late at night or early morning of the next day, then drives home. If he were to wreck by being intoxicated, hurt someone, and he drank at our office, could I be held responsible or my business be held liable?
This is more nuanced than a simple question might seem. It would depend on whether he was on company business, possibly...
DUI...Do I apply for pretrial diversion before my first court date?
Court date is 43 days after my arrest date. I am trying to avoid the administrative license suspension which takes effect after 45 days. Should I contact the court beforehand and ask to apply for pretrial diversion or wait until my first court appearance? I am just afraid that if I wait until my court date, my license suspension may go into effect before my application is approved (if it is approved).
Your adm suspension will go into effect after 45 days, whether or not you have appeared in court or applied for pre-...
WWhat course of action doin need to take in my dui /possession case?
I was pulled over on 9-6-17 in orange beach Alabama And arrested for dui for marijuana. And possession of marijuana they did not take blood or any kind of drug test. To prove I was under the influence altho I did fail a sobriety test they did find marijuana in my vehicle that was not mine they in fact never found mine what should I do?this is my First offence on both. Charges
Make sure you hire a lawyer here on the island that is in that court regularly. The judge in Orange Beach can be quite...