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If I were to get the 16 week extended program at the end of IDRC would I not be able to obtain my license till I finished this?
I was convicted of my first DUI this past March. I have two moving violations on my record previous to that but they were minor.
You cannot get your license back until ALL aspects of the DWI are satisfied. 1) You must pay all fines 2) You must...
I was arrested for dwi but it was dismissed. however i played guilty to reckless driving. would this consider as 1st offense?
in 2015 i was arrested for dwi and was also given reckless driving ticket in nj. dwi was dismissed but i was advice to play guilty to reckless driving and accept the 3 month suspension.(which was the great deal) now im applying for jobs so im worried if this would show in my background check. and would this dwi consider as my 1st offense?
It is a traffic offense, not a DWI. All such offenses show on your DRIVING record forever. Whether it matters to your...
Can i fight idrc requierements in court?
idrc wants me to take a 16 week program because when i had the dui i was 20 years old, the thing is that i dont have the time to attend this 16 week treatment because i work and go to school full time. can i go to court and to get this over and dont take that 16 week treatment, i dont drink since 5 months ago, and im sure i dont have a problem with alchool
You risk possible extension of suspension of your license and jail time if you do not comply with the IDRC requirement....
I got a DWI and blew a .15.If i hire a lawyer will he be able to get me a 3 month suspension
I was stopped at a dwi check point.I passed my tests but had a .15 bac.Its my first offense.If i hire a lawyer will he be able to get me a 3 month suspention instead of a 7 month.
You're facing 7 - 12 months license suspension at that BAC level. In addition, you are also facing installation of an...
Can I be a paralegal in the state of NJ if I have a DUI assault by auto that is 2 yrs old and resolved?
Can I be a paralegal in the state of NJ if I have a DUI assault by auto that is 2 yrs old and resolved?
In 1999, the New Jersey Supreme Court declined to adopt a paralegal licensing system and concluded that paralegal...
Regarding IOP after DUI case is finished?
Basically, I had left court with a DUI charge. I needed to go to 2 day course, it was 6/8 hours each., After completing that I was told I was required to do a screening and if I had not done well, I would have been placed in an IOP program. So let me start off, I was charged in NJ and currently live there. I had went to the first class, but missed the other one because I walked in literally 5 minutes late, even though I reached there 30 minutes prior. After completing that, I was asked during the class to take the screening. They said due to the fact I crashed my crass during the incident, I was required to take IOP. When I went for a further analysis, because of my past, they told me I was required to attend 2 days a week for 14 weeks. I completed like 5 sessions until they dropped me. I was missing group sessions because of court/work. I now got a full time job working and making a change in my life. The whole point of the treatment was to better my self, and I am, which makes me think they all just doing this for the money at the end of the day. Anyway I was wondering if there is anything I can drive, avoid the treatment, swap for probation, or anything else
It sounds like you need to talk to your attorney.
Obtaining license in another state after DUI in NJ.
I have obtained a DUI in New Jersey and wanted to know if this would affect me from obtaining a license if I were to move to another state in the future? I know I would have to complete all the conditions and I am obtaining my license soon. Also if I were to move to another state where a DUI is considered a criminal offense would the offense here be transferred there as criminal? Only reason I am asking is because a DUI in NJ is a traffic violation and it would be difficult for me if it were to be criminal in another state though I've met all conditions and fines.
In NJ you cannot drive on ANY license until all the conditions of a DWI conviction are completed. So even if you get a...