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Blood draws after car collision - DUI?
I rear ended a vehicle. Police came to scene. Was taken to hospital by ambulance. Blood was taken at hospital. I was released. I understand if you are driving a vehicle in California hospitals automatically administer a blood test for alcohol. No DUI investigation was done at scene and I was not cited or arrested. A few hours earlier I had had a little to drink. There is a remote chance my BAC was not 0 at time of accident. I imagine it is almost impossible it was over the legal limit, but I find myself wondering the following: - Are results automatically shared with DMV, police, or insurance companies? If not, can I do anything to ensure privacy? - If there is alcohol in blood but less than legal limit will that still trigger DMV or criminal proceedings? - What should I do, if anything, at this point to protect myself?
First of all, don't share this information with anyone but an attorney. There is no privilege in this forum....
I have a very complicated meth dui
I decided to buy some meth from a friend after not doing any drug for a long time -- he said he didn't have any weed or coke but he has some tina -- so I bought a bag of tina -- unexpectedly i used more than planned and instead of doing it for a night i did it for the whole weekend and didn't get any sleep -- on Monday morning i was driving to work all exhausted and i fell asleep behind the wheel and hit another car head on -- officer cited me for dui and took a blood test -- blood test came back positive for trace of methamphetamine and trace of amphetamine -- is it a defense to this dui that i crashed because of sleep deprivation not because of meth use?
No it's not a defense. Please get a lawyer and get a doctor. The lifestyle will get you nowhere.
What can I expect from the court for probation terms and jail time(if any)?
Arrested in February for DUI. I do not remember anything about the incident as I was in a blackout. Had no intention of driving that night and am extremely remorseful for this, but cant do anything about the past now. My BAC was .165. Police report says I refused any alcohol test and kept asking for an attorney before consenting to a test. Judge ordered a test and I complied. Charged with DUI, enhancement for being over .15, and enhancement for refusal. DMV license suspension already in effect. DMV only suspended for 30 days with restricted license afterwards. I am aware I will have alcohol school for 3-9 months, that I will have to pay 3900 in fines, and will be on probation. I have no prior record, full time masters degree student, employed. I'm really worried about what's next or if anything else is going to happen to me.
Consult with an attorney in your area. If you are. even thought eh DMV did not impose a one year refusal suspension, If...
Is a lawyer useful to get me a good deal on DUI? What can my punishment be?
I got a .12/.13 DUI. First DUI, clean record before this. I posted bail and was given 4/28 as a court date. What can I expect as a punishment? Fines? Jail? I'm also undocumented.
You most certainly should hire an attorney. In addition to the court proceedings there are the DMV proceedings. DMV...
My Ventura County DUI was expunged. It still shows up on public record. How can I have it cleared and removed?
A first-time offender, and only offense of any kind: I received a DUI (under .08) in Ventura County, 4 years ago. I paid all of my fees, fulfilled my probation terms and have had it, since, expunged. However, when one runs my driver's license through the Ventura County Superior Court website or records department, it still lists the charge and details with a status of "expunged". It is my understanding, "expunging" is meant to remove the mark from my record as though it never occurred. As it currently stands, all "expunged" means to the person looking is that I was found guilty but played by the rules. It has affected my ability to obtain work and was the reason for a rental property denial (both were after it was expunged). How can I have my DUI record cleared and removed from the public record, if not through being expunged?
First, it wasn't "expunged." It was "dismissed" per Penal Code section 1203.4. Nothing is erased. It will also show...
Will I be required to pay to get my car out of impound, lot fees, towing etc?
One year ago I moved from Pennsylvania to California, I transferred my license and thought that would be that. Free months later I receive a notice saying my license is suspended until I meet the California requirements for my DUI arrests from 3 years prior occurring in ventura California. Problem is 3 years prior on the dates the have on record I did have 2 DUI arrests, but they were in New Jersey not California. And directly after those arrests I hired a lawyer, paid my fine, served my probation sentence and had the required ignition lock installed for the required duration of time. My license was restored and the matter was over. Except now California claims it occurred here in California and that the requirements have not been met. Since then while trying to contact Sacramento dmv to have anybody acknowledge a mistakes been made, my car has just today been impounded during a routine stop due to my wrongfully suspended license.
YES, you will have to pay to get your car out of impound. It may be on a 30-day hold if your license is suspended....
Will I be charged with DUI? And how do I get my license back. (After 5 months)
I was an idiot and long story short. Smashed my car into a guard rail. I was taken to the hospital and the cop stayed until my parents arrived. He took my license but never gave me a ticket or a court date. I have been checking with the court weekly and no charges have been filed. It's been 5 months and I want to purchase a car and get my license back. The DMV shows the DUI on my record but I have never been charged or arrested. I didn't take a blood test but I blew a .15... Am I going to need an SR-22 to get my license back and, am I going to be charged for a DUI? I was always under the impression I would have been given a ticket immediately. Thanks in advance.. (I am in Ventura County CA) I should also note, I was billed 2 months ago $800 for the cops time. Obviously they know about the accident so I don't think anything was lost.
You may not ever be charged in court. As to getting your license back, you should simply ask the DMV if your license...