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DUI In Kansas
I got arrested on 7-3. The date served on my DC-27 copy it shows a date of 7-4. Today I called the Department of Revenue ( Administrative hearing) and they said that they haven't received the DC-27 from the officer yet. Its being 21 days since my arrest. I read on my copy that the officer needs to turn in the DC-27 within 7 days. Can I get this dismissed since he has not done anything??? I did requested my hearing in time though!
No. If the officer turns the paperwork in late the suspension process will commence. Did you request a hearing on...
I got a DUI in Kansas
Does the officer that arrested me have a time limit to turn in a complete notice of suspension or revocation form and any driver license taken into possession, with a sworn report to the DMV? I got arrested 7-3-2016 today is 7-18-16. I have called the administrative hearing regarding my request for a hearing. And they told me they have received my request but they said that the officer has not sent anything on behalf my DUI. So they pretty much don't have nothing on my DL. My 30 day paper will expired in 2 weeks. So does the officer have a time limit to turn that in?
These matters are mandated by state law so you should talk to a Kansas lawyer who handles criminal matters this...
I got a DUI
I'm in Kansas. My arrest was July 3. Today is July 14. Well 2 days after my arrest for DUI the officer that arrested me got in a accident and killed a lady. I believe it was he's fault and I think he is on administrative leave right now. So I requested my hearing to the administrative hearing in Topeka. I send in my $50 and asking for the officer to be in my hearing. Well I called the administrative Hearing and they keep telling me they don't have nothing on my DL that nothing is being turn in. I called the court and they said that no report has being made either. I only have 30 days before my DL gets suspended.
What is your question? If it is about the hearing, make sure you get verification that you actually tried to schedule...
DUI questions
I am being charged with DUI even though I wasn't seen driving. I lied for my boyfriend at the time who had an accident behind me. I claimed something like a cat or dog came across the road and caused him to swerve into a fixed object. By the time police and ambulance services came, my car was parked in a parking lot with the keys/FOB in the front flap of my purse. My car doesn't operate using a key-it uses a FOB, the hood was cold and no GPS was pulled out of it showing when it was last operated. There was mass confusion on the scene-my then boyfriend had a head injury and the cop who started in on me wasn't the original cop on the scene. We were told about the confusion from the tow truck people I called. I refused to do any field sobriety tests. I wasn't allowed to leave and was placed in handcuffs. It was a custody. I had a blood test done. I know for a fact they used an alcohol swab because I have a severe aversion to needles. It came out .08. At that point, they said I wasn't in custody and free to go-releasing me to drive. 7 mos. ltr., I get the citation in the mail. Is it normal to allow someone under the suspicion of DUI to just leave and get back in a car to drive home?
It is atypical, and probably good for your defense, especially during cross-examination. However, though atypical,...
What should I do my lawyer did not show up to my sentencing and passed me off to public defender
I have my 2nd Dui on my day of sentencing my lawyer didn't show up to court and the public defender made derogatory statements about my lawyer not being there the deal was going to be made two days in jail and a week in house arrest but my lawyer told me we could file for a hardship license because I work and the dmv threw my case out but the public defense lawyer said that's not true..so I don't know what to do should I file a complaint with the bar for my lawyers absence to my sentencing and money I paid him. I myself filed for a Continuance
Time for a discussion with your attorney. Generally, if an attorney has a valid reason for not appearing, the court...
Will I be drug tested for a MIP in the state of Kansas?
I was driving my friend home from a party and he had a case of beer in the car. I was pulled over for speeding and the officer saw the beer in plain sight and searched the entire car. He found drug paraphernalia, but my friend took responsibility for it because it was not mine and I had not used it. We were both issued a citation for an MIP since the beer was in my vehicle, but I had passed the breathalyzer test while my friend did not. My court case is in a month and I was wondering if I can expect a drug screening any time between now and then? And is there any use in fighting the case? Thank you any advice is appreciated
No, generally you wont be required to test prior to your first appearance. Whether or not you will be required to do so...
How can I have a valid license in Colorado for Interlock restriction in Kansas?
I have to get an interlock for Kansas for a DUI from 2013. I have never had a physical Kansas License. (My license is from Iowa). I now live in Colorado, but was told when I called the Colorado help line that I cannot get a license, even a restricted one, until Kansas clears me from the national database. I am going to have my interlock installed in two hours. I plan to fax my paperwork proving my interlock installation immediately after. Does Kansas lift the hold once that paperwork is processed? Also, the person I spoke with in Colorado stated that for Colorado interlock programs, if you move out of state and become a resident of another state, you may fill out some forms for Early Reinstatement and not need the interlock. Does Kansas have something like this? I just accepted an outside sales job and of course it requires driving. Am I even going to be able to do this?
Kansas should lift the hold, looks like you have your answers.