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Should I take the first plea offer
Hi I was arrested for a dui, not having interlock, and not maintaining in lane. This was my second dui. The first one I had completed a diversion. On this one my doctor started me off on seroquel which was drastically increase over four days up to 600mg, which i had just got to.My doctor said I would feel drugged that week. I do not remember leaving my house or anything until after I was at the police department. I had two large shakes and food in car from two different food places, which I would never do and was two towns from my home.The alcohol and drug test were all zero. Both police officers said they would testify for me as well as my doc. They offered me either one time dui and no interlock or two dui, I chose one. Can I take back plea before sentence. Was this right decision?
You usually can't take back your plea. Also having your doctor testify that you were intoxicated by prescription drugs...
Will I be arrested upon entery to the U.S for a probation violation warrant (Misdemeanor DUI) ?
In 2012 I plead guilty for DUI in a small town in the state of Kansas and was put on supervised probation for 2 years. As an exception, they allowed me to study in another state while I report to my probation officer. Mid study I decided to leave for my home country for good without fulfilling my probation duties. I've since found that there is a warrant out for my arrest. My question is will I be able to enter and leave the united States for a university exchange program in the state of Pennsylvania without being arrested? Under what circumstances will I be arrested and extradited back to Kansas in my short stay?
You probably will be taken into custody when trying to re-enter the U.S. Whether or not Pennsylvania then sends you to...
Getting off diversion early in Kansas
I got a dui when I turned 18 and am currently going through the 12 month diversion program avalible. i have heard in classes that I had to attend for my dui that it is possible to terminate the diversion when all of the fines and classes are done and paid for. I am at my 6 month mark and my diversion officer told me that getting of never happens unless you are getting deployed. She made me pay the initial $130 for seeing her as well as $50 every first Saturday of the month for visit fee's and a drug test. I think I'm getting screwed around on this and really would appreciate some advice.
The policies for early termination of diversion programs, for DUI matters, differ widely from jurisdiction to...
Kansas Out of state DUI
I was in a motorcycle wreck in 2012 while visiting my mom in Kansas and was taken to the hospital. I was never arrested. I have lived in Mississippi for 20 years now. I did live in Kansas as a child. I just went to have my MS license renewed and was told that Kansas had a block on it and gave me a number to call. The lady at the Kansas DVM said I had been convicted of DUI due to a blood alcohol test done in the hospital. She told me I needed to write a letter stating that I was no longer a resident of Kansas and list my name, ss# address etc along with a money order or check for $25. She said I would then receive a letter of instructions to follow. Is there anything I can do?
I am not licensed to practice law in Kansas, so out of respect for any experienced attorney licensed in Kansas who...
1990 - FL License was suspended for five yrs. DUI Then it was revoked. I moved to Kansas. Can I get a letter of completion
from Florida to get my Kansas License?
Good question, but more information is needed. Do you know why it was revoked? What do you need to do to reinstate...
I got pulled over charged w/dui/refusal of sobriety test, went to jail, got out, I never went to court
I never went to court, that was in 2010, in the state of Mississippi, iam in junction city Kansas now
Well, that's nice. Now the Mississippi folks know where to find you.... Look, first anything that you post on Avvo (...
Can a third DUI be expunged from my record? Do I need to say I'm a felon on my job application because of it being my third DUI?
1st DUI in 99(I was 17) 2nd 2001 and my 3rd DUI in 2005.
Contact a local DUI attorney who can review your record in person to see if anything can be done.