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Can a felon (dui) own a black powder revolver?
2001 DUI, counted as third due to Ks look back of a lifetime during that period.
Federal law doesn't prohibit black powder antique guns. You can read the law by googling 18 U.S.C. 922(g)
Can I operate a boat in Ks. with a Restricted (interlock/DUI) license
Currently am required to have an interlock for a Dui, can I operate my power boat on lakes or rivers.
As long as you have an interlock installed on it. I'm sure that you are restricted from operating a "motor vehicle"...
How to get sd. cdl reinstated and transfered to ks ?
18 mos. agp i was on vacation to ks.from sd.at the time i had a sd cdl.in ks i got a dui in my personal vehicle.9 months ago i moved back to ks.how do i get my liscense reinstated and transfered to ks ?
It varies depending on each state's MVD requirements to reinstate your license. You may have a hold in either state...
What is a typical diversion program for a first time DUI? Also, during diversion period can you consume alcohol at home?
Got arrested for a DUI had a 0.146 on the BAC test. I have managed to get on diversion.
Most diversion programs will not allow you to use alcohol at all. If you really need to drink, you may want to explore...
What if they find marijuana whilst testing for alcohol. Will I be arrested for that?
I am about to start my diversion for a DUI. I had a 0.146 on the BAC. I know that they will probably test me for consuming alcohol. Whether it is a blood test or urine.
a UA or urine test or blood test for that matter alone cannot support a charge or conviction of possession of a drug....
Can I get a license without owing a car
I got a dui 4 or 5 yrs ago. was suppose to get an interlock device I have no car or anything to drive. no money to buy one either, so can I drive another persons car?
Check with a local attorney or call the court where your DUI case was handled to be sure but I believe that you would...
I want to know if I can vote?Or do I need to get this expunged?
I got my 3rd DUI in 2001.Does that make it a felony in Kansas?
I don't know what the laws were back in 2001, but a 3rd is a felony currently.