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I got arrested for a dui but got youthful offender so is my record clean?
i was 18 and am now 21 paid my fees and everything
Youthful offender is a special status that not only limits the length of punishment and length of probation but greatly...
I was in a DUI with no license and a reckless driving incident. Trying to obtain the Police report and told I need a subpoena?
Question pretty much explains my dilemma. Why do I need a subpoena to get my own Police report? Also District court Judge Watkins denied me a Public Defender, and I am currently unemployed and have no way to afford my own attorney? I feel I need to view the Police report to know what I have been charged with. This incident was classified as a MVA?
When I represent a client facing a DUI charge in Ohio, I file a discovery demand pursuant to a local rule of criminal...
How can the Alabama Dept of Public safety revoke my drivers license for 5 years when my Dui convictions are over 11 years apart?
I have had several dui conviction over a 20 year period, and have given up drinking all together now, however, my license has been revoked for a 5 year period, The last dui was in Febuary 2015, and the other prior ones were from 2004 and before. I did not request an administrative hearing in 2015 because it was charged as a first offense and i thought it would only be a 6 month suspension. Is there anything that i can do now?
You are confusing "apples" with " oranges" so to speak. The five year look back period expressed in section 32-5A-191(q)...
Will a juvenile dui from 1983 show up now-would this count as a 2nd offense or have the records been sealed because of my age?
I have been charged with dui.
Anytime you have been charged with a DUI, it is wise to hire an attorney that specializes in DUI. Use Avvo to find a...
Can I sue Walgreens for selling me beer and then calling the police to say that I was intoxicated?
I purchased a six pack of beer along with a few other items. When I got to my car the police arrived because the cashier called to say that I was intoxicated. I ended up getting a DUI sitting in my car in the parking lot resulting in the end of my career. If Walgreens suspected that I was intoxicated why did they sell me beer which I understand is against their policy?
You could talk to a personal injury attorney, but I am not seeing a great lawsuit here. There is certainly no...
When will my AL license be reinstated?
I am a resident of AL and have a AL driver license. Got in trouble while visiting AZ. AZ dmv suspended my license for an MIP and flase ID for 6 months. AL suspended my license for 60 days for false ID.
You should seek competent local counsel to advise you, but I believe your license will be suspended for 6 months - the...
How long would alcohol stay in your system for a urine test?
This may not be the correct spot to ask, but I'm curious about how long it takes for you to be able to pass a test on color code. I've only had 5 bud Weiser drink, 12oz.
"Color Code" testing for ethanol utilizes the ethyl glucuronide (EtG) test method. EtG is a direct metabolite of...