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Typically what does someone get if they are going to court for their third offense Dwi an Aggrvated Battery? What do I expect?
My boyfriend is guilty of the Dwi, but not the aggravatted battery. I jumped in the back of his truck and they charged him with aggravated battery for that. The Dwi was separate from this, but they are doing all this in one day
This type of question is almost impossible to answer without reviewing the police report and the client's criminal...
Need help!
Second dui, on one year probation. I had interlock removed by appointment made through interlock people to put on new car. I missed appointment in New Iberia La. ( Violation) Hardship License is suspended for 4 years. Is it possible to get hardship license back? And is my probation in Jeopardy?
You should contact a local DUI attorney asap. Yes, your probation is in jeopardy. There is little help avvo can offer...
If I got a ticket for a dwi can the law come back 16 years later and convict you of it?
I got a ticket never got served any papers and then 16 years later is trien to convict me of a dwi
It sounds as if you have an upcoming court date on a DUI arrest from 16 years ago. If so, I suggest consulting with a...
I was convicted of 3rd offense DWI in 2003. I completed all sentencing requirements and was granted first offfender pardon.
My citizens rights were all restored. I know I am still and will always be a convicted felon but at this point being almost 10 years later and no other convictions is is possible for me to be able to purchase and possess a gun for hunting and home protection?
DWI 3rd Offense is not an enumerated felony under La. R.S. 14:95.1. So, you should be free to purchase and/or possess...
Can u get charged for borrowing money from a friend if thay said that thay dnt want to press chargers even if it awas a lie?
Borrowed money over a poirt of time borrowed why more then iam able to pay back but he dnt press charges and dint call tha law i geusss some one just wanted to make sure he was okey and he found out that half of tha storys where not true needed forothere reasons but he still dnt press charges but thay still had to make a report could i still get charged if he wiill ing ly loand me tha cash and cash only no papper has m y name or anthing it was cash only
If the state has enough testimony (evidence) of you borrowing money and not paying it back so that they can prove the...
Can u get charged if u borrow money from an old man and he does not want to press charges and it was a big sum
I ben borrowing money by just asking for his help but most of tha reasons where lies and some how tha cops got called to see if every thing is okey with him and tha man dnt call them or makea complaint on tha false peatents of what tha money was for but tha police made a reporte but he didnt not press any charges of any kind what could happin we have been makein efferts and have payed back as much ass we could when we could but he would tell me that hes not worryed about paying him back and we only would just ask for it and if he said no that would bee the end of him asking
You can indeed be charged and, depending on what the evidence shows, you could be convicted. Take this seriously and...
If my license is suspended in another state, would I be able to get a license in Louisiana?
My license is suspended for driving while suspended. Have not had a DUI for 8 years. Louisiana DMV does not give much information on their site.
You have to reinstate the license in the original suspension state first.