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If you have a "wet reckless" conviction and catch another DUI charge -- still a 2nd degree misdemeanor? Also question about plea
. I've not yet retained an attorney but this isn't my first rodeo. I know you can probably count actual DUI trials on one hand, but if you have seen someone go to trial and lose -- what sentences are typically imposed? I guess the meat of this post is "My plea seems bad enough, is it that much worse to be found guilty of DUI at trial?" Do guilty DUI defendants typically receive just jail time if they endure a trial, or do they get jail time + all the conditions of a plea bargain (probation, car impound, dui school, etc). Or is the Plea Bargain really a great deal considering the slim-to-nill chance at beating the charge in a trial, and the loss of freedom that would lead to job loss. Admin suspension sustained, so DUI School II, anyway--finally"not guilty" trial = reverse DMV ruling?
The severity of your sentence after trial will depend on the judge and any aggravating facts associated with your case....
Can my brother be charged with DUI if no tests or blood work was performed?
My brother just finished a trial and no evidence was provided. The state didn't have no blood work and the officer didn't perform any field tests on my brother on the night he wrecked his car. He received 5 years of probation and 30 days in jail for this. Is this fair? Can they convict him even though they didn't have any evidence? Also, for the first offense, isn't the punishment to steep? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Also, he wasn't arrested at all but was sent to the hospital; they didn't draw any blood from him.
If the trial has ended, it is obvious he can be charged with the offense. If he received 5 years of probation, then he...
Will I be tested for drugs in urinalysis for a dui in Monroe County Florida?
I was arrested for my second duo in 6 years in Monroe County Fl. I am subject to urinalysis test. Will they be testing for drugs as well?
Yes, the judge can order you to be tested for both drugs and alcohol.
What and how will these charges work in court. i was charged w/ my 2nd dui , resisting w/o viol & fleing & eluding
So my prior charges 3 yrs ago were all dropped to misdomeors with 6 mths probation,court fees,dui school,another on line driver school I never blew on 1st dui .but this past arrest I blew but I was also taking nyquil which blew my levels,I panicked an started to drive off apprx 10 feet an guns were drawn by three male cops who were trying to break my window prior.I have high b/p ,depression &anxiety which I'm on meds for but I hear fleeing an eluding carrys a jail sentence from 1 to 5 yrs.if I get a attorney how likely in Florida will I be given lessen charges for dui, obstruction an felony flee elude.I don't understand how is be charged within dui when 1st was dropped to reckless I thought thats why I paid my attorney for past 3 charges to be dropped to misdomeors.I don't have 10.000 for the attorney I hear I should get.but if I go with a publicdefender I was told im probably looking at 18 mths jailtime minimum, probably a loss in driving at least 2yrs and added extra fines court costs dmv extra fees fines.any advise?
This forum is made up entirely of private criminal defense attorneys. What do you expect us to tell you? Perhaps you...
Husband got arrested for DUI while on probation. What to do?
Husband still in jail until court in 2 weeks, but he is the only one working. got a kid to feed, expecting another one, and bills to pay, can't afford to miss a paycheck...can't afford for a lawyer either. first time having to deal with this, don't know what to do. please give advice
The court does not care if he has bills or children. The only issue is whether he was driving under the influence while...
I am charged with fleeing and eluding and DUI, can I be hto?
my public defender is telling me i am getting probation for 18 months and that i will be guilty on both charges...i wanted to know does the fleeing and eluding count on hto and can i get a hardship license if i plea to these charges? I got a dui about 7 years ago...will that be a count on hto as well? thanks for any help... (any possibility a private atty can do better on this)
When you look at qualifying for habitual status, you are looking at a five (5) year time frame. So, your DUI...
Are Documented History of Back and Head Injuries Helpful Against Poor Field Sobriety Test Performance in Florida DUI Arrest?
I was recently arrested for DUI in Florida. A few days prior to my arrest I had been viciously assaulted and sustained a concussion among other injuries. My face was pretty beat up when I was pulled over and I explained to the officer that I had not been feeling well because of my injury. Also, I have a long history of lower back injuries due to herniated and bulging disks that cause me discomfort and balance issues. Again, I explained this to the officer but she still requested I do the tests. Interestingly, although my mugshot shows that my face showed significant signs of injury the officer put in the report that I had no injuries and reported no current or prior injuries to her. Unfortunately there is no video of the stop or anything prior to being at the breath test facility. My question is, does my documented history of concussion and lower back issues give me a valid, strong argument for why I may not have performed well on the field sobriety tests? There is no breath/blood/urine test so the state is relying primarily on the officer's observations. Any thoughts/opinions would be appreciated. Thank you.
Your injuries are obviously relevant to any assessment of your performance of the exercises. Officers commonly minimize...